NFT Marketplace Renovi & Aftermath Islands Plan to Launch First Metaverse and NFT Buildathon for Designers

The NFT marketplace for creators and designers Renovi and a Metaverse called Aftermath Islands have announced joint plans to run a “buildathon” – a segment within the ‘Next Top Metaverse Build’ competition.

This contest allows students and professionals to test their Metaverse design skills by designing 3D buildings, wearables or furniture. Categories include “houses, retail spaces, clubhouses/venues, interiors and wearables for avatars,” said Renovi and Aftermath Islands teams in a statement.

Winners will receive $50,000 in virtual land parcels, gift cards and in-game tokens.  Other awards include the chance to sell these 3D designs as NFTs, courtesy of Aftermath Islands.

The competition will take new entries up  until January 9 2023. Organizers instruct those interested to visit Upon signing up, talented designers can submit their projects on Renovi’s marketplace.

Renovi co-founder Adonis Zachariades commented on the initiative by saying that the Buildathon can reveal the great potential of the Aftermath Islands Metaverse for participating designers. Managing Director of Aftermath Islands Metaverse David Lucatch said that the Buildathon will support “Aftermath Islands’ mandate of inclusiveness”. He also said that Aftermath Islands can help change the way people interact online.

Both Zachariades and Lucatch will be on a panel of judges, as well as Aftermath Islands’ Head of Technology, Gaming and Production Rob Cole, the Metaverse Group’s Hetal Patel, and VRchitect president Cherie Bowker, among others.

Previous Next Top Metaverse Buildathon brought together 250 creators who submitted over 160 projects and received $200,000 in awards.

Renovi was founded in 2021 and in less than two years was able to build a community of more than 600 3D creators, as well as brands. These talented designers have already created builds for several metaverses. Earlier this year, the team announced its strategic partnership with Aftermath Islands Metaverse to launch an “open world metaverse for both crypto-friendly and traditional FIAT communities,” Renovi said in a statement.

Aftermath Islands, which features a blockchain-based VR platform with theme-based islands, is one of the first metaverses to use GPU cloud serving and Pixel Streaming technology. AI users can develop, purchase and sell virtual land, as well as various items as NFTs. The platform provides highly realistic graphics and no downloading is required.

The team at Aftermath Islands will allow Buildathon participants to design in their program of choice and then to export projects into formats compatible with Unreal Engine 5, which can stimulate designs that are similar to high-quality, realistic gaming.

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