Orion: Decentralized Access to Cexs, Dexs & Swap Pools from Your Wallet

Orion is at the forefront of championing the “DECEX” movement, redefining the concept of decentralized central exchange trading. As cryptocurrency trading grows daily, the new Orion 2.0 could be the paradigm shift we all need as the project redefines what a decentralized trading platform can achieve.

With a firm commitment to empowering traders globally, Orion has embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges, providing a seamless, non-custodial trading experience that resonates with the ethos of the crypto community.

Let’s take a look at what sets Orion apart in the competitive crypto exchange markets.

What is Orion?

Founded in 2018 by Alexey Koloskov and Kal Ali, Orion initially aimed to solve the issue of segregated liquidity in the crypto market. Despite unfulfilled promises, Orion made waves with its Orion Terminal release in 2021, following several notable achievements.

Orion has achieved significant milestones, with its ORN token reaching an all-time high price of $29.29 and a peak trading volume of $100 million.

Furthermore, it boasts a 24-hour Terminal trading volume record of 90 million, showcasing its market presence and user trust. The platform has also secured listings on reputable CEXs, including Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin,, and Bitget.

Evolution from Orion 1.0 to 2.0

The evolution from Orion 1.0 to 2.0 signifies a remarkable transformation, highlighting the platform’s global expansion and enhanced market accessibility. While Orion 1.0 primarily focused on specific regional markets, Orion 2.0 has transcended geographical boundaries, providing access to a global market previously out of reach for many traders. This expansion has not only broadened Orion’s reach but has also revolutionized the landscape for significant exchanges that are grappling with limited global access.

Orion 2.0 VS Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

Orion’s business model focuses on providing decentralized and non-custodial aggregation of both centralized and decentralized exchange liquidity, ensuring users access the best possible prices and liquidity without compromising asset custody or identity. In addition to trading services, governance tokens, and liquidity bridges, which allow seamless asset transfers between different networks, Orion offers staking opportunities as well.

By enabling users to connect their wallets without the burdensome KYC requirements, Orion has streamlined the trading process, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional exchanges. Furthermore, its real-time price intelligence feature empowers users to make informed decisions by comparing prices across multiple exchanges, ensuring they secure the best asset pricing.

Its innovative pricing model has facilitated a groundbreaking approach to trading, creating avenues for traders to capitalize on market discrepancies and maximize their potential returns. While competing with platforms like 1inch, 0x Protocol, Kyberswap, and Uniswap, Orion stands out due to its superior liquidity from leading markets like Binance, OKX, and KuCoin, offering enhanced value and comprehensive trading experiences for users.

The Commitment to Traders During Bear Markets

Orion’s unwavering commitment to providing value during bear markets sets it apart from other platforms that tend to exacerbate challenges for traders during these critical times. The platform is still doing well despite a few rough years, and it has some great tools for every kind of trader.

While major exchanges often leave traders in various countries stranded without affordable liquidity, Orion remains steadfast in supporting traders by offering equitable pricing and maintaining a user-centric approach, even in market downturns.

Global Equality in Trading

Orion’s mission to promote global financial equality is evident in its efforts to provide the best prices and liquidity for traders worldwide. By eradicating regional restrictions and simplifying the verification process, Orion fosters an inclusive trading environment that empowers traders from all corners of the globe, enabling them to participate in the crypto market on an equitable playing field. The crypto market is global, so every exchange needs to have a global reach.

Empowering the Underdogs

The Orion 2.0 narrative resonates deeply with the aspirations of the underdog traders worldwide, who often find themselves marginalized by regional restrictions and exorbitant trading fees. Orion’s commitment to reducing fees, allocating a significant portion back to users through its referral program, and ensuring global access to CEX liquidity is a testament to its dedication to uplifting the trading community and enabling it to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

What’s in Store For The Future

Orion’s plans involve further enhancing its services, enabling cross-chain swaps, facilitating a more user-friendly interface for non-crypto natives, and developing a mobile application for expanded accessibility and convenience. Below is a detailed look at the project’s roadmap.

  • Diversifying Token Utility: Orion plans to enhance its token utility by introducing veORN, empowering holders to engage in platform decisions and vote on potential changes. Additionally, the platform aims to expand staking opportunities and introduce lucrative rewards, fostering an active and engaged user community. This strategic move aligns with their commitment to ensuring a user-centric and inclusive ecosystem.
  • Cross-Chain Interoperability and Accessibility: Looking ahead, Orion is focused on enabling seamless cross-chain swaps, allowing users to trade any token across various blockchain networks effortlessly. This ambitious plan underscores their dedication to simplifying the trading experience for crypto natives and newcomers. By fostering interoperability, Orion seeks to solidify its position as a leading cross-chain trading platform in the evolving crypto landscape.
  • Revolutionizing User Experience: Orion’s upcoming initiatives include refining its user interface and experience to cater to non-crypto natives, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly environment akin to centralized exchanges. By integrating account abstraction and facilitating gasless trading, Orion aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and the decentralized crypto space, thereby attracting a broader user base.
  • Mobile Application Development: Recognizing the growing significance of mobile trading, Orion is set to launch a dedicated mobile application. This strategic move will enhance accessibility and convenience for users, enabling them to execute trades and access real-time market data on the go. With a strong emphasis on user-centricity, the mobile app will embody Orion’s commitment to providing a seamless and efficient trading experience across various digital platforms.
  • Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships: Orion’s future roadmap includes forging strategic partnerships with prominent blockchain networks, fostering cross-chain collaborations, and leveraging the strengths of leading projects such as BNB Chain, Polygon, and MetaMask. By integrating with established industry players, Orion aims to strengthen its market position and expand its global footprint, catering to a diverse and ever-expanding user base.
  • Continuous Innovation and Adaptability: Orion remains committed to continuous innovation, adapting to the dynamic crypto landscape, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability, Orion seeks to anticipate market trends and user demands, ensuring its offerings remain relevant and competitive in the rapidly evolving crypto market.


With its ambitious and comprehensive plans, Orion is poised to redefine the crypto trading landscape, offering a seamless and inclusive platform that caters to the diverse needs of its global user base.

Orion 2.0’s transformative journey embodies a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and global inclusivity. By championing the cause of the traders and fostering a trading environment that prioritizes fairness and accessibility, Orion has solidified its position as a leading force in the crypto industry, inspiring a new wave of traders to partake in a more equitable and transparent financial future.

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