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Park Token Announces IDO Token Sale on BNB Smart Chain

Park Token, a deflationary and community-driven dog token bound to take the crypto world by storm, will launch its IDO token sale on the BNB Smart Chain network on March 28.

Meme coins might have started as a joke, but they’re quickly rising in value and popularity. Dogecoin (DOGE) was the first dog-themed token to get the market’s attention. However, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been pushing DOGE off the leaderboard in terms of trading volume and rewards. Now Park Token has entered the space to raise the bar for dog token communities– introducing the first-ever deflationary dog token with a Dapp to reward holders.

Stake in the Crypto Dog Park to Enjoy Amazing Yields

What makes Park Token stand apart is the innovative Crypto Dog Park, which is a cross-chain decentralized application (Dapp) that enables holders to invest in their dog tokens and earn huge returns. Users only have to invest their dog tokens into Prize-Linked Savings Accounts (or ‘Parks’) in order to collect interests when their investments mature. Simply enter your preferred ‘Park’ and stake an appropriate token into the account to start claiming rewards.

To help you understand a bit better, let’s look at it through the lens of traditional crypto staking.

Let’s say you have DOGE in your digital wallet. You enter the Dogecoin Park and stake your DOGE coins at an APY rate of, say 8%, inside the staking pool. Now sit back and wait to claim your staked DOGE, together with the staking rewards at the end of the staking period.

Similarly, if you stake Shiba Inu in Shiba Park, you will earn interest each week and enjoy exceptional yields. That’s precisely how Dog Park works, thanks to its use of Prize-Linked Savings Accounts. This ensures that you’re not just buying a dog token and holding it. You’re making a genuine investment and supporting your dog community at the same time.

Rewards, Prizes, and More Earnings

The project team has created a deflationary tax system that ensures tax is collected on every transaction and redistributed to different operations and as rewards to holders. This reinvesting will increase awareness of the project and attract new investors while ensuring Park Token does not rely solely on volume.

In addition, $PARK investment portfolio will be automatically invested in yield-bearing accounts every week, with any realized interests distributed to the community as follows:

Prize Winner: The largest sum of the interest is used to give a massive payout to five randomly selected users that are staked in each Park. The more a user has staked, the greater the chances of winning. This reward is always paid in the Park’s token. For example, Shiba Park pays its winners in Shiba Inu.

Token Burns: Each week, a portion of the interest is used to burn the respective Park’s token. This means that tokens with a large circulating supply will reduce over time, helping your entire dog community.

Stable Rewards: Each week, all stakers in the Dog Park will receive stable rewards paid in BUSD. Since BUSD’s price is relatively stable, you can rest assured that your payouts will be accurate and predictable. 

Keep Your Investment: Dog Park is a “no-loss” protocol meaning you get to keep your investment even if you don’t win the huge prize. There’s no risk to you. As long as you have funds in Dog Park, you can win the grand prize.

Park Token is Destined to Take Off

Park Token is primed to become the foremost dog-themed meme coin project in crypto. The devs are crypto vets who got their start investing in dog tokens.  They’ve used their combined knowledge to create a deflationary token that reinvents how people see dog-themed tokens. The Park Token has just started its journey and will begin token sales on March 28, 2022. So, head over to their website and fill out the form necessary to hop on the pre-sale whitelist. 

To learn more about Park Token, visit:



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