Peter Molyneux’s New Blockchain-Based Business Sim “Legacy” Launches on Gala Games

Legacy, an in-depth business simulation and management game, launched today on blockchain gaming platform Gala Games. Developed by renowned studio 22Cans, Legacy allows players to build and grow a profitable corporate empire from the ground up.


  • Legacy is a new business simulation and city management game developed by 22Cans studio and launching on Gala Games.
  • Players build and grow a corporation and company town from the ground up, managing all aspects of the business and town.
  • Players balance efficiency, profits, worker treatment, social/environmental impact, and more. Choices influence the game narrative and outcomes.
  • Competition comes from acquiring resources, crafting products, keeping workers happy, and making strategic expansion decisions.
  • Blockchain integration allows for player ownership, play-to-earn mechanics, and NFTs. Players can sell businesses for real-world profits.
  • Land NFTs were previously sold to secure game zones. Owners can distribute Legacy Keys to collaborate and share profits.
  • The game brings simulation mechanics together with blockchain for real economics and ownership.

Legacy is centered around creativity and customization. Players start by designing unique products to manufacture and sell in their company town. They oversee production in their own factories, while also building homes, roads, and facilities for their workers. The goal is to maximize profits through smart expansion, keeping workers happy, and making shrewd marketplace decisions.

According to 22Cans Design Director Iain Wright, Legacy brings together the best of simulation games with the innovation of blockchain technology. Players can leverage features like NFTs, play-to-earn mechanics, and true digital ownership of in-game assets.

For example, land NFTs were previously sold to secure Legacy game zones, generating over $42 million in sales. Land owners can distribute Legacy Keys to collaborate with others and share profits. Players can also sell their businesses for real money if desired.

On balancing business success with social impact in Legacy, Wright said, “The decisions made regarding worker treatment, social and environmental impact, and more are woven into the game’s narrative, influencing outcomes.”

With the rise of blockchain gaming, Legacy presents an immersive opportunity for entrepreneurial gamers to build virtual business empires and earn rewards in the process. The game’s depth and customization also provides a new level of simulation for experienced management game fans.

Legacy is now available on Mac and PC through Gala Games, which continues to pioneer the blockchain gaming space with titles that leverage the technology for digital ownership and play-to-earn features.

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