PrivacySwap- To Develop a PRV-Accepting Debit Card

Singapore, 22 May 2021, PrivacySwap aims to develop a debit card that accepts PRV. Blockchain is becoming more and more of a trend recently and with that, people are becoming interested in how cryptocurrency can be used as a “money-alternative.”

PrivacySwap wants to provide the best service and provide security to crypto users while they farm and stake their cryptocurrency on their platform. As of this moment, the platform allows you to connect your crypto wallets such as Metamask, TrustWallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect, and Binance Chain Wallet. These wallets allow you to transfer your harvested PRV. The platform, however, aims to provide much more convenience to its users. Thus, creating a Debit card that you can use to withdraw your funds, use as a form of payment and more is one of the best innovations they aim to achieve. Moreover, as PrivacySwap grows, the continually strive to make their platform much more convenient and secure.

What are Crypto Debit Cards, and how do they work?

In essence, these cards perform the same tasks as traditional credit or debit cards. Still, instead of using fiat currency, you may pay for products and services with cryptocurrency at vendors who accept debit cards as forms of payments.

Additionally, when you use an actual card for any transaction, certain service providers provide the option of instantaneously turning your crypto into money.

It’s also simple to deposit money into your account.

In general, cryptocurrency owners may simply top up their cards through a payment processor or move their coins to dedicated wallets and link them to their preferred cryptocurrency credit or debit card.

Furthermore, the platform provides their future plans, and they are visible on their website and social media accounts. You can check them at the following URLs to know more about them. 

Web: Click Here
Gitbook: Click Here
Telegram: Click Here
Medium: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here
YouTube: Click Here

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