Randonauts are discovering mysterious ancient artifacts

People are using the Randonautica app and discovering anomalous artifacts from what may be an ancient crypto-civilisation

Randonautica has been called the “app of the summer” by the media. It has proven especially important during global Covid lockdown, as it is a game that inspires users to have a fun, decentralized, real-world adventure outside their normal routine, and safely off the beaten trail.

Harnessing the power of quantum random numbers and “entropy,”  users set an intention, and the app provides them with coordinates to explore, where they might fulfill that intention.

“Usually, you find something unusual,” says one Reddit user, on the popular website. “Like a potato.”

“It might not be what you expect, or it might be out of its usual context” said another. “But it’s always interesting.”

Interesting indeed.

Recent reports have begun to surface – after nearly 11 million users downloaded the app – that traces and fragments of what may be strange ancient artifacts are being discovered in forests, empty lots, and other vacant or liminal spaces.

These incidents are also curiously reported to be preceded with some frequency with sightings of strange deer, or animals where there shouldn’t be animals. According to a user named Randy in a Discord group, “It’s almost like they’re showing you the way.”

Debate has been raging in closed Telegram channels as to whether or not these artifacts are from the millions of years old crypto-civilisation called Quatria, in which many randonauts are true believers. They call themselves Quatrianauts.

The Quatrian civilisation, which is believed to fulfill the requirements of the Silurian Hypothesis, is thought to have first been postulated on a Graham Hancock message board in early 2008. Based on the fragmentary texts, maps, and legends that have been handed down and carefully analyzed by scholars, the globe-spanning Quatrian culture appears to have been based entirely on music, and was centered in Antarctica in an age before it was frozen.

Many randonauts are now experimenting with setting the intention for their journeys on finding proof of this forgotten land, and are posting their findings on Tiktok and Youtube.

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