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Rasta Beach Club – The Free Mint NFT collection expected to light up the Ethereum Blockchain

Rasta Beach Club is a generative NFT Art collection. The bright & vibrant collection combines over 140 individual traits, each assembling in variety to form 10,000 unique Rasta characters. The collection is a community-centric project focused on good art & good vibes.

The Rasta Beach Club has become increasingly popular amongst investors in the industry given it’s strong foundations, clear vision and also due to the fact it is a free mint!

The Market

The NFT Market has been the topic of much speculation over recent weeks. Following the collapse of the FTX exchange, investor uncertainly has loomed larged over the future of NFT’s & Cryptocurrency.

However, this uncertainty and apprehension has been somewhat short lived following several very successful NFT launches in just the last week. Rasta Beach Club hope to be the next of these case studies providing further reassurance that the NFT space has a bright future ahead.

Metaverse & the future

Aside from the existing features of the project, the team have also announced their plans to build multiple immersive Metaverse experiences that will be exclusive to Rasta Beach Club NFT holders. 

The Mint 

The Rasta Beach Club NFT’s are available to mint now – Free! 

For full details, head to the website below where you will find instructions of how you can get involved.

Website –

Twitter – 

Contact – Mitch Lees

Email – [email protected] 

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