Sex Trafficking? Terrorists?! Hypocrite JPMorgan CEO Doubles Down on Bitcoin Criticism Despite Bank’s Involvement in Crypto

Jamie Dimon, longtime Bitcoin critic and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, reiterated his skepticism of the cryptocurrency in an interview Wednesday, stating “I’ve always said that bitcoin doesn’t have value.” His comments come on the same day the SEC approved several spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), opening up the crypto market to more mainstream investment.


  • Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, insists Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and is used mainly for illegal activities like sex trafficking and terrorism financing
  • However, JPMorgan has partnered with BlackRock as a lead authorized participant to help launch BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF
  • This seems contradictory given Dimon’s strong negative stance on Bitcoin
  • Dimon reiterated his anti-Bitcoin views in an interview on the same day the SEC approved several spot Bitcoin ETFs
  • Despite Dimon’s criticism, JPMorgan and other major financial institutions are finding ways to get involved with Bitcoin as adoption grows

Dimon insisted Bitcoin’s only real use cases are for illegal activities like sex trafficking and terrorism financing. He first made similar claims last month during a Senate Banking Committee hearing, declaring he would “shut down crypto” if he were in government.

His stance contrasts sharply with actions JPMorgan has taken to position itself as a leader in the rapidly evolving crypto asset market. The banking giant was named as an authorized participant in BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF filing with the SEC.

As an authorized participant, JPMorgan will be responsible for creating and redeeming shares of BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF to help maintain its price close to the value of bitcoin. This suggests meaningful involvement from JPMorgan in the success of crypto investment vehicles it’s CEO vocally despises.

Additionally, JPMorgan developed and launched its own digital token, JPM Coin, in 2019 to enable instantaneous payments between institutional clients. The bank continues finding innovative ways to participate in the crypto sector despite Jamie Dimon’s personal qualms.

While Dimon affirms bitcoin has no intrinsic value, JPMorgan and other Wall Street institutions recognize surging mainstream adoption of digital assets cannot be ignored. The long-awaited approval of the first spot bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. promises to further legitimize cryptocurrencies as an investable asset class.

As the crypto market grows, more traditional financial giants are boosting their crypto capabilities to meet rising customer demand. Despite skepticism from old-guard figures like Jamie Dimon, crypto exposure through ETFs and other channels is increasingly unavoidable for banks like JPMorgan. The CEO himself seems to recognize consumer desire for bitcoin access, stating markets are “waiting for a good ETF.”

JPMorgan finds itself in the contradictory position of both condemning and enabling the growth of Bitcoin, highlighting lingering tensions between traditional and decentralized finance.

Regardless of any individual executive’s stance, the firm apparently views involvement in crypto ETFs and blockchain technology as strategic opportunities.

While Jamie Dimon pledges he would snuff out crypto given the chance, market forces outside his control increasingly demand JPMorgan’s participation. As long as clients show interest in Bitcoin, banks have little choice but to find ways to facilitate access, even if begrudgingly.

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