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Siblings are a blessing, Says Sergio Kato, An artist and a footballer.

Brazilian actor Sérgio Luiz Pereira, professionally known as Sergio Kato: he has acted in several films (Cameo) in the US, among other countries. We have something interesting to share for public knowledge and fans.

Geraldo Pereira de Matos Filho, nicknamed Mazarópi, is a Brazilian professional football coach and former player-Goalkeeper, who manages SER Santo Ângelo. Kato explains his arrival in the USA, and after three months, he starts to feel it wasn’t really easy.

But did you know that there are many Brazilian actors who act in American films and series that we love to watch and that some of them have their nationality even unknown to us, viewers?

Brothers are a blessing, Sergio Kato says- A brother or sister to talk and as I have always been guided. It’s wonderful to share the differences, even though our interests and hobbies are different – like my brother playing soccer since young.-

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Can’t fake a real situation and adrenaline rush on you “, says actor — Also in this action scene is“ one of the most important action films for Kato! ” Are you ready? Shockingly Dangerous Scene. The cast was impressed with Kato by jumping off the buggy without any stunt double to a pond in Sao Paulo, Brazil –

 Right Sergio Left Jorge Center Mazaropi (Throwback 70s)

When you have an older brother playing football, it’s a gift. He does not only advise, but also helped me achieve my goals. He has always been important to me.

He will read this article and will laugh; I’ve done a lot !!

With always great emotion to watch my brother as goalkeeper in the biggest stage, defending penalties! WOW!! —He was extremely good at it. And my heart racing at the Stadium!

It was always with great emotion to watch my brother as a goalkeeper and defending penalties! WOW !! — He was extremely good at it. And my heart racing!

And Kato’s brother goalkeeper is holding till present the world record for the longest time without conceding a goal, with 1,816 minutes.

Sergio Kato signed a contract with a modeling agency in New York City. Profitable campaigns appear in commercials as a Runway Model for Ralph Lauren, Georgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana & Timex. He was having a short, successful career as a Runway model in Paris Fashion Week: Japan, and Milan. Also, he appeared in ads by Calvin Klein and Dylan Bruno.


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