Solana-Based Memecoin Hipposol is Set on a Moonbound Mission

London, United Kingdom, April 23rd, 2024, Chainwire

The crypto market is buzzing with the arrival of Hipposol, a new memecoin launching on the secure and swift Solana blockchain. Hipposol is not just aiming for the stars but is on a mission to the moon.

A Journey Beyond the Stars

Born in the vast savanna of the digital world, Hipposol is for those who see beyond the meme horizon. The Hipposol, a symbol of wisdom and tenacity, represents every user’s quest for liberation from the monotonous 9-5 life. With the mantra “To the Moon,” $Hippos is more than a cryptocurrency – it’s a vessel for voyagers daring to chart their course through the financial universe.

Hipposol stands out with its unique combination of fast and eco-friendly transactions powered by Solana, a community-centric approach, and a fun-loving spirit. It’s a memecoin with purpose, a rallying cry for enthusiasts and users who believe that the journey should be as rewarding as the destination.

Tokenomics Overview

With a total supply of one billion tokens, Hipposol dedicates 60% of its tokens for $Hippos presale aimed at giving early adopters a head start in the Hipposol community. The remaining tokens are allocated to support liquidity on decentralized exchanges (Raydium & Jupiter), marketing efforts to spread the Hipposol cheer, and community rewards and airdrops that ensure active participation and engagement.

The presale for Hipposol tokens is kicking off on the 24th of April, With a limited sale duration of 26 days. Early investors will have the unique opportunity to acquire $Hippos at a pricing of 150,000 $hippos for 1 SOL.

Community and Governance

True to the spirit of decentralization, every $Hippos holder has a voice. $hippos token designed by the community, for the community, ensuring that everyone aboard the Hipposol spaceship has a say in the voyage ahead.

“Our goal with Hipposol is to encapsulate the liberating essence of cryptocurrencies,” says King Hippo, founder of Hipposol. “We’re more than a token; we’re a movement.”

About Hipposol

Users are invited to hop on board and be part of the Hipposol story. Visit to learn more about Hippos token presale and how they can join the bloat.

Social Links

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Hipposol is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Investing in cryptocurrencies if volatile and considered dangerous.


King Hippo
Hipposol LLC
[email protected]

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