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SOLARR Announces SLRR Token Listing on BitMart, Launches Free Minting for Creators

SOLARR, a revolutionary decentralized ecosystem for liquifying NFTs, announced its listing on centralized exchange BitMart starting 1st August 2022.

The growing SOLARR community has eagerly awaited this news since the project’s launch in early 2022. SOLARR’s native token, SLRR, has the crucial role of bridging NFTs with real-world utility.

The SOLARR NFT-Fi Ecosystem

SOLARR is Asia’s first DeFi-integrated NFT commerce platform aimed at helping NFT collectors, creators, and brands access and transition into the decentralized digital economy. It provides an extensive suite of services and tools for users to unlock NFT value, besides composing, customizing, and embedding utilities into NFTs.

SOLARR’s services and tools include:

  • SOLARR Square A curated NFT Commerce Platform for creating and trading NFTs within a metaverse, allowing consumers to engage in immersive retail experiences with top brands and exhibitions while moving seamlessly between virtual and physical environments.
  • SOLARR Credit – Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tools and services to liquify and unlock NFT value. SOLARR Credit offers stake-to-earn and collateralized borrowing with NFTs. NFT owners can unlock their asset value by putting their NFTs up as collateral for liquidity while still retaining ownership of their NFT assets. NFT owners can also lock their assets up in return for incentives against the NFTs staked.
  • NFT-as-a-Service (NFTaaS) Full-lifecycle NFT commerce solutions for enterprise customers. SOLARR’s NFTaaS service features NFT payment gateway solutions enabling the purchase of NFTs using traditional payment methods like credit cards. It also offers flexible composability features such as embedding royalties into subsequent sales. 

These features and services are just a few of the many applications SOLARR aims to offer. The project seeks to build an integrated economic infrastructure that will power the liquifying of NFTs with connectivity into the Metaverse virtual economy.

SLRR Listing on BitMart

SLRR is the native token that powers the SOLARR platform. It is an ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain and has multiple uses in the SOLARR ecosystem. 

Alex Lee, Founder and CEO of SOLARR says, “Participants can use SLRR for NFT purchases, staking, governance, and other applications.” 

“Moreover, SLRR will be used to reward participants in the SOLARR  ecosystem. Users will earn SLRR rewards for minting NFTs and performing transactions, recommending new users, conducting evaluations, and for staking SLRR tokens. SLRR runs the gamut of use cases including empowering participants with NFT purchases, staking, governance, and other value-added applications.” added Lee.

SOLARR has set a limit of 5 billion tokens as the maximum supply of SLRR that can ever exist. 3.7% of the tokens (183.08 million tokens) will be part of the initial circulation through presale events and exchange listing.

SOLARR’s token listing on BitMart shows the project’s ambition to accelerate its growth. Bitmart will list USDT trading pair of SLRR and spot trading for this pair will open at 3:00PM UTC on 1st August 2022. More details about the listing can be found on SOLARR’s official social media channels.

SOLARR stands out in the DeFi and NFT space with its comprehensive offering integrating DeFi tools with NFT commerce and metaverse connectivity. Instead of offering only DeFi tools and services, the platform has its own NFT commerce platform that is connected to the metaverse for a truly immersive virtual shopping experience.

Creators Mint for Free

On the back of the SLRR token listing on BitMart, SOLARR is also looking to attract talented creators through its latest campaign.  For a limited time only, SOLARR is offering NFT creators free minting, marketing support, plus the opportunity to turn creator NFT into Metaverse wearables.

Creators who join the campaign will receive:

  • Free minting of up to 10 NFTs (ERC-721 / ERC-1155)
  • Free marketing exposure to more than 100,000 SOLARR community members
  • Free casting of creator NFT as a Metaverse wearable

Besides that, selected creators also stand to be featured as a Curator’s Pick with the following bonus benefits:

  • Up to 2 creator NFTs to be showcased in the SOLARR City Metaverse Gallery
  • “Featured Creator” exposure on the SOLARR Square homepage

Interested creators can obtain an info pack by writing to [email protected].


SOLARR is a DeFi-integrated NFT commerce platform, empowering users to increase utility, unlock value, and liquify NFTs within a secure decentralized digital commerce platform connected to the metaverse virtual economy. SOLARR’s mission is to accelerate NFT mass-adoption with utility, accessibility, and NFT-commerce. Ultimately, SOLARR’s vision is to facilitate the world’s transition into the decentralized digital economy.

For more information, visit:

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[email protected]

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