Taylor Swift: AMAs performance on hold due to music spat 

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On Thursday, Taylor Swift said she would not perform in American Music Awards. And she does not perform on her songs in the future. It also can be that she will not put other projects, she added. Also, she will not make a forthcoming Netflix documentary. 

The reason behind Taylor’s swift decision is that; the men who own her old recordings won’t allow her to play their songs. That’s why she will not perform on her songs. She said my performance at the AMAs is a question mark. Also, the Netflix documentary and any other recorded events covered in question marks. I think i will not play until November 2020. 

She called two men names Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta. And she said these two men are calling the television performance an illegal. However, the songs are not Scooter Barun and Scott Borchetta’s property. She played their songs and performed on it. So, why the men denied her to play her songs. She makes new recordings on her new songs, but now she will not release them.

I have tried to perform on my songs through my team. But i failed to fulfill my desire. She blamed on Scooter Braun in her tweets. But her followers commenting on her post and said, you have sold your songs. These are not your property now. Yes! She indeed sells her songs to Borchetta’s Big Machine Label Group in June.  

She wrote in her tweets, Borchetta told me that if i will record the copy version of my songs. Then he will take action against her. But Taylor Swift denied and said she would release her recording, and this is her right. And she added this would not be illegal at all. Also, she said, she is a pretty and sweet girl; that’s why she shut her mouth. Otherwise, you will be punished if you mentally torcher. Now, she urged her fellow artists like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber to speak out. 

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