Tesla’s Bitcoin Hodl: Stubborn Conviction or Reluctant Bagholder?

Tesla’s latest earnings report shows it still holds nearly 10,000 bitcoin worth over $275 million. This unchanged position sparks an intriguing debate – is Tesla signaling stubborn conviction in bitcoin’s future, or are they a reluctant bagholder afraid to realize further losses?


  • Tesla still holds 9,720 bitcoin worth around $275 million as of Q3 2023 earnings report. This indicates no change in its bitcoin holdings since last year.
  • Tesla initially purchased over 43,000 bitcoin in early 2021 for $1.5 billion. It sold about 75% of its holdings in Q2 2022 at a loss.
  • Tesla’s bitcoin holdings are still the 4th largest of any public company. Maintaining these holdings suggests potential conviction about bitcoin’s value or reluctance to realize further losses.

Tesla made waves in February 2021 when it announced a $1.5 billion bitcoin purchase. This massive institutional investment helped legitimize cryptocurrency. Tesla also started accepting bitcoin payments for vehicles soon after.

However, in May 2021, Tesla reversed course citing environmental concerns around bitcoin mining. It stopped accepting bitcoin payments after just two months. Then in Q2 2022, Tesla sold off 75% of its bitcoin holdings at a loss.

These flip-flops have called Tesla’s conviction into question. The unchanged holdings in the latest report rekindle the debate.

Tesla retaining its bitcoin stash signals lingering faith in the asset. As a tech pioneer, Tesla recognizes bitcoin’s game-changing potential. The company likely views short-term price swings as irrelevant compared to long-term disruption of financial systems.

Despite criticism, Tesla won’t abandon bitcoin until it conclusively fails as a digital currency. Volatility is expected during these early adoption phases. Tesla remains confident in bitcoin’s future.

Alternatively, Tesla may be keeping its bitcoin purely to avoid realizing additional losses on its balance sheet. Having sold earlier at an average price of ~$29,500, selling now would crystallize more losses.

Tesla may be “trapped” due to sunk costs, rather than possessing any real conviction. The company has already retreated from enthusiastic promotion of crypto. Bitcoin payments were halted without explanation.

As a public company, Tesla could be unwilling to take another hit. But by passively holding an asset it has publicly abandoned, Tesla risks reputational damage.

Tesla’s ongoing bitcoin holdings raise fascinating questions. Does it still genuinely believe in bitcoin’s epic potential? Or is the reluctant hodler thesis more plausible? Time will tell whether Tesla renews its crypto evangelism or distances itself further.

But for now, the company remains firmly on the fence.

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