The Complete DevOps Developer RoadMap – 2020 Updated

The Complete DevOps Developer RoadMap - 2020 Updated

The current era which is digitally transformed is demanding a revolution in such a mode where the team members of IT are functioning. It’s not that much enough to make groundbreaking products and the software; the main aspect to the economic benefit is lying in the leap of the modernization. The expertise of DevOps is highly demandable in the market. Those jobs which are postings by mentioning the keyword or title of “DevOps” are emergent all over the place. The experts who own the DevOps certification are the ones who get a high salary among the members of IT, whereas this job is considering as the toughest job in the field.

The DevOps RoadMap for Developers

At this point, take a start via the RoadMap stage by stage and determine at what ways a person would acquire the fundamental skills that are necessary to turn out an expert of DevOps in the year of 2020:

Learn a Programming Language

It is a known fact that a person should make aware of these 3 software design languages such as JS, Python, or Java. In case if a person did not learn these languages, then it’s not a big issue as there are several other learning courses which you can look at account to get hands-on your desired language, however, it is greatly suggested that one should at least get hands on any of the above-mentioned software design languages.

Understand Different OS Concepts 

It is the point where the role of Ops started; in the previous times, it exclusively supported those individuals who are accountable to make aware regarding the knowledge of hardware and OS, though, by owing DevOps, there is a need for the developer to be acquainted with them too. A person is required to have an understanding of the Virtualization, Processing Management, Concurrency and Threads, Powerpoint, Management of I/O, Memory storing, and File-systems, since it was recommended in the roadmap.

Learn to Live In the Terminal

Being available in the field of DevOps, It is essential to own great skills in command-line, chiefly in case a person works in the Linux. Making aware of a few of the tools and shells of the Linux, as well as network commands are compulsory. It is considering as a good revision for newbies and the experienced consumers of the Linux.

Networking and Security

The days of the isolation are now gone; this is the era where every single thing is interlinked with every other thing, and this is the thing that turns out the fields of security and networking more vital. If a person wants to turn into a skillful DevOps engineer, then there is a requirement to have a thorough knowledge regarding the fundamental concepts of security and networking such as TLS, SSL, FTP, H-T-T-P-S, HTTP, OSI Model, and DNS, etc.

What Is and How to Setup

Being an expert of DevOps, one must know the things which are setting up in the machine and the ways where you would set them up, only which you would seem systematizing them. Generally, an engineer of DevOps must be aware of the ways of setting up Website Servers such as Tomcat, Apache, and IIS. Furthermore, a person is also must be knowing Firewall, Reverse-Proxy, Load-balancer and Caching Server, and so on

Learn Infrastructure as Code 

It undoubtedly seems to be the most significant aspect for an engineer of the DevOps, as well as it is a very wide-ranging domain too. As you are an expert of DevOps, you have a comprehensive understanding regarding the containers such as Kubernetes and Docker, and the managing tools of Configuration such as Puppet, Salt, Chef, and Ansible, Substructure Provisionings such as the formation of Cloud and the Terraform.

Learn Some Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Tools

It’s some other very vital aspect for the experts and professionals of the DevOps, such as to set up the pipeline for the CI and the CD. They’re a great variety of tools are available in the domains of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery i.e. Drone, Team City, Jenkins, and many more. However, it is greatly suggested to learn the Jenkins, since it is considering as the tool which is largely utilized and it might be the topmost classy tools of the CI/CD in today’s market. In case a person hasn’t previously learned Jenkins, this training course is a great opportunity for them to make a start.

Learn to Monitor Software and Infrastructure

As deployment and setting up are important, another main thing is the monitoring, and that is the reason an engineer of DevOps needs to get knowledge about the Substructure as well as the monitoring of app. There is a great range of tools are available in this context, all you can do is to pick a few of those tools that are utilizing in their organization.

Learn about Cloud Provides

Because the needs of computation are arising so there is also an increase in the demand of resources of the substructure. As you are practising the DevOps, at times you would find the requirement to get approach towards numerous cloud services that are for the resources of the substructure, that setting which is productive where you can be done with the testing of your product and there is no need of setting it up, attain several duplications of productive environment, generate a cluster that failover, holdup and make the recovery of your database on cloud and so many different tasks.


The terminology of “DevOps” is now become the buzzword of the field, it demonstrates some essential turnover in that mode where teams are thinking about some scheduling, making and set out the software. Make the stimulation from the movement of the Agile, DevOps spreads numerous of the primary principles of Agile outside from the growth to observe the ways teams are deploying, observing and informing another round of the planning of products.

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