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The Flaming Farm Token Presale is Live: Here’s How You Can Participate

Flaming Farm is the world’s first deflationary yield farming platform. It plans to revolutionize Decentralized Finance (DeFi) through the roll-out of a unique deflationary protocol.

The project’s dev team is working to eliminate all the technical barriers from DeFi investing by introducing an advanced user interface that makes staking crypto assets a breeze. Investors can use this intuitive portal to monitor all investments by viewing past, current, and projected earnings with just a glance.

Flaming Farm promises to be the most advanced yield farming protocol to enter the DeFi market yet. Users will gain access to a wide variety of staking pools currently supported by the platform, including ETH, USDT, and DAI pools. 

Join the Flaming Farm Token Sale Now!

The Flaming Farm platform has just unveiled its highly anticipated public token sale event. Investors can now join liquidity pools by purchasing FFARM tokens from the Presale. 

To participate in the token offering, crypto holders can deposit up to 20 ETH to the project’s official ETH address (0xbb3fd6d1d804c19eb9cb1f9f43a27c8690df1df2). All participants are advised to use the metamask wallet or any other trusted wallet with ERC 20 token support to send ETH to this address.

Flaming Farm plans to issue 4000 FFARM Tokens allocated to 600 ETH at a presale price of 0.16 ETH. The event is scheduled to go on for ten days or until the hard cap of 600 ETH is reached. There is no minimum investment to join. 

Following the token Presale, all investors can get their FFARM tokens at the same address from where they will send ETH. All unsold Presale tokens will be burned after the Presale ends, followed by listing the FFARM token on Uniswap and FlamingSwap.

This listing will allow investors to trade their tokens on the world’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX). Holders of FFARM can use this ERC-20 compliant token to transfer value in seconds. What’s more, they get more flexibility in wallets, DEXs, Dapps, and exchanges since the token is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Following the Presale, FFARM holders can participate in yield farming, where they can stake their tokens and earn a lucrative annual percentage yield (APY) from 100-500%, depending on the pool.

There is no locking time for farming, so investors can unstake and claim their farming rewards whenever they wish. Users will get bonus APY rewards in the first 48 hours. 

Combating the Risk of Inflation Facing DeFi Users

The dedicated team behind Flaming Farm is aware of the menacing issue of inflation in the farming world and has designed a DeFi protocol to solve this problem. 

Existing yield farming protocols frequently issue liquidity pool tokens to investors with the intention that the tokens will increase in value as the size of the liquidity pool grows.

However, this principle hasn’t played out in real-life applications. As each new token enters the protocol, supply circulation quickly exceeds the demand, reducing the token’s overall value. 

Flaming Farm plans to solve this inflation risk by introducing the world’s first deflationary Yield Farming platform. The platform’s algorithms automatically monitor liquidity pool levels. If the system detects a drop in available liquidity in the pools, the network eliminates around 2.5% FFARM tokens from the pool. 

This automated burning rate serves as the first line of defense against inflation. The reduction in supply is instant, and the effects are felt immediately. By reducing FFARM tokens in circulation, the protocol ensures that the tokens retain their value. 

This unique burning system is designed to increase the value of $FFARM after PreSale and give DeFi users the peace of mind they desire. 

For more information:

Telegram | Website | PreSale Contract

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