The highest free app on the UK Play Store is cheating users into paid subscriptions

Google is not performing well to prevent the Play Store from viruses. Although the company proclaimed an App Defense Alliance to support its Play Protect Scanner. Some scam apps have once again controlled to blunder through and are flowing off unsuspicious UK Android users.

Several apps are now among the highest free apps on the UK Play Store. And they advertise movies flowing at no cost. But they enroll users for a registration service with their phone bill. From late December and in January, these apps started popping up on the Play Store.

Some apps have good and influensive names as Plexify HD, Miniplexy, or Plexyvideo, playing on the favorite Plex home media server. Play Store mentioned that several apps from these have under 100,000 downloads. But Miniplexy controlled to spy onto, up to one million devices.

There are also four video concentrated apps like Plexify HD, Miniplexy, Plexyvideo, and Vidy Videos. They assure you to permit you to watch free blockbuster movies. A Wallpaper 4D app can easily extract its material through the standard photography podium Unsplash. Few Female applications like to offer beauty and fashion instructions.

But, few apps are presently trending in the UK Play Store’s free chart. Miniplexy is on the 3rd number; however, Vidly Videos is at the 14th stage. Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify also advance them an incorrect sagacity of lawfulness. Play Store critics of Miniplexy and Wallpaper 4D stated that upon switch on, a pop-up looks to question them to insert their phone number.

Unseen from the display, there is a memo that the scammers behind the apps will charge £4.50 in a week through your mobile agreement. The users can break the rip-off by texting STOP to 87066. It is a number that Moonlight Mobile company recorded. 

UK Phone-paid Services Authority stated that number fixes charge £4.50 per week “for several reaches to the premium functions and videos.”Womanly and Plexify HD has just more than 100 downloads. Their schedules are printed by the same seller, though, hence they also contain the same scams.

Miniplexy is now the topmost free application on the UK Play Store

We still have not listened to Google, while the scamming applications are ongoing to reign easily. Miniplexy is now the number one application on the UK Play Store, superior even TikTok, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

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