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Advancements in technology have seen different sectors get impacted in various ways in recent times. Every time I do my computer science homework, one thing that becomes apparent entails the massive impact tech has had on the mobile app development sector. Most businesses and organizations have migrated into mobile apps to realize their business potential. As such, it not only elevates the mobile app development sector but also, stresses the importance of the sector to the current way of life.  

Most of the existing giant tech companies have branched out significantly into the development of mobile apps. The main reason for this investment entails the potential and market share that mobile apps have to the general global public. With such growth of app development for mobile phones, what current trends can significantly impact this sector?

Trends that can Impact the Mobile App Development Sector

  • Blockchain. The blockchain trend has massively disrupted and rehabilitated the development of mobile apps. It can effectively get used in tracking, enhancing security, and controlling the quality of apps. Most payment apps already use blockchain in guaranteeing faster and secure transactions.
  • Internet of Thing (IoT)

It entails a massive network of interlinked mechanical, computing, and digital devices that make it possible to transfer and exchange information and data. The application of IoT in mobile applications can assist in the remote control of smart gadgets using a smartphone. Further, IoT powered mobile applications enable the effective connection of a smartphone and other devices such as wristwatches, bands, and other things an individual can wear.

  • Virtual vs. Augmented Reality. The development of Android and iOS apps have gained momentum after ARKit and ARCore by Apple and Google respectively. As such, the traction of AR and VR apps has picked up in almost every industry (retail, education, healthcare, etc.). The mobile apps create an unreal experience for mobile users besides also assisting with boosting sales for businesses.
  • Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning and AI have completely transformed the outlook of mobile apps and their development. The AI integration into mobile apps have saved money for enterprises besides improving their user engagement. Similarly, business interactions with clients through mobile phones have significantly changed courtesy of AI-powered Chatbots. It becomes apparent, especially when using cab services, online shopping, or food delivery services.
  • Cloud-based Mobile Applications. The cloud technology assists most organizations in storing vast amounts of information and data. As such, its integration with apps has enhanced the productivity, collaboration, and storage capabilities of these mobile apps.
  • M-Commerce. The future looks promising for m-commerce as individuals converge towards online or mobile purchasing. Google Wallet and Apple Pay have encouraged a lot of clients to shop through smartphones as an alternative to credit or debit cards.
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development. It implies the ability of apps to run on various mobile platforms. As such, the growing cost and time-to-market reduces significantly besides making business competitive.
  • 5G Wireless Tech. It is one major disruptor that everyone looks forward to because of the anticipated browsing speeds, data security, 3D gaming, and augmented reality functions.
  • Little Code Development. Little or low code aims at getting rid of the necessity to write a large set of manual codes, thereby reducing the complexity involved.


The above-mentioned trends will not only revolutionize the current development of mobile apps, but also lay a marker for the future.

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