Top Office Accessories for the Remote and Hybrid Worker

With the changes in the manner that we work and the rise in remote and hybrid work, the way in which we set up our home offices and workspaces has also changed and adapted to suit. It is a trend and way of work that is not expected to change in the near future. In fact, remote work and hybrid work is only expected to increase exponentially as we move deeper into the information and data age. This article will look at the top accessories noted as essentials for professional hybrid or remote work.

Wireless charging pads

No one needs many cables or wires running across the desk. A wireless charging pad can keep the mobile battery ready for the additional usage that comes with working from home. It provides the convenience that remote workers need, no matter where you are – your desk, car, nightstand. Make sure that you have a genuine product so that the charging speeds are fast and it doesn’t damage your battery. Always research the options and buy those devices that have been evaluated and used by others.

Cordless noise cancelling headphones

Being able to focus on the work at hand and not have everyone else hear your business and workplace conversations and meetings is a critical component of professional remote and at-home work. Try to keep these cordless with sufficient battery life, as you don’t want them dying on you in the middle of an important call. Headphones or earphones are sometimes ignored, yet not using them could be a beach of data privacy and as such they should be considered an essential accessory for the remote and hybrid worker.

The smart connected printer

It may not have been top of your list, but if you’re in design, construction, architecture and any other of the visual career sectors than having a quality printer such as the Lenovo business printers will allow you to have documents and papers printed and prepared at home. Furthermore, anything that needs to be posted or when hardcopies are needed can be arranged seamlessly, it’s a terrific addition to the home office and will save time and money.

Smart phone holder

The smart phone is used so much more in the remote office and being able to hold up the phone and use it for communication while doing something else or taking notes is a wonderful way to multitask. It provides the best way to add a sense of interactive communication between colleagues and allows for another way to meet rather than only on Teams or Zoom.

These accessories can all be used at home or on the move, wherever you are working and will make for a more connected you. The secret to making use of the best technology such as is mentioned herein is to buy carefully for your specific use needs. Perform a tech audit and determine exactly what you currently use and then how you are able to improve upon these. There no keeping up with the Jones’s when it comes to tech, only buy exactly what you need.

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