Traxalt comes to solve payment processes

Traxalt comes to solve payment processes

Since the blockchain technology was launched, many cryptocurrencies and solutions based on this type of technology have appeared. Nowadays, there can be found many cryptocurrencies. The total estimate of known cryptocurrencies is 2,961, according to the CoinMarketCap portal. This amount keeps increasing, since various digital projects are implementing these in multiple ways.

Traxalt is considered as a blockchain solution for many companies which are looking to optimize time and costs that could make them loss their funds. By starting to use this platform, many benefits are happening, including the implementation of a technology that is growing and many people are starting to implement this technology.

Traxalt is a digital asset and is based on the Stellar blockchain, which is a third generation blockchain. Traxalt has one of the largest communities in the blockchain world. Since it was launched in 2019, Traxalt has more than 975,723 users and has a very stable community, which keeps growing and Traxalt ranks second among all Stellar blockchain tokens behind Lumens or XLM.

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This platform also includes protocols that can define standards and allows data hashing on your public blockchain, allowing the platform to report and analyze all the data of the transactions. Traxalt’s objective is to bring a customizable platform that can be adapted according to the needs of the industry. The best part of this protocol is that it offers low costs, transparency and auditability.

The use of cryptocurrencies has increased in some industries, which are beginning to accept them as a form of payment. This is considered to be one of the best ways to make payments and avoid visiting stores or banks. Paying for services or items with cryptocurrencies is very easy, it is only necessary to make a simple transaction.

Traxalt has relaunched its referral program, where subscribers who complete the verification steps on the Bitfoliex platform will be able to receive a TXT airdrop. The users will also get a code to share with their friends and family, it means that if they register in Bitfoliex using your code, you will get a free TXT AirDrop.

The main objective of the Referral Program is to grow the Traxalt community. The bigger the community, the bigger community becomes more stable and therefore generates less price fluctuation. Traxalt community has many benefits because this platform offers good performance and has managed to reduce costs but has also increased the speed with which each of the transactions is made.

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