Trust Wallet Now Features Direct Transfers to Binance Pay & Coinbase Pay

Trust Wallet, a leading multi-chain, self-custodial wallet, just released integrated services for Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay. Now, Trust Wallet users can make easy transfers from Coinbase or Binance accounts, which makes the wallet a more desirable option for Coinbase or Binance clients.

With easier transfer options, new users will find the entire process of using crypto far more simple. The transfer process used to involve many steps, which was a turn-off to some users, especially if they didn’t have much experience in the world of cryptos.

Instead of having to choose the correct network, or make other manual choices, now the transfer process for Coinbase or Binance accounts to Trust Wallet is almost automatic. There is no need to input or scan wallet addressed, and the few steps required to make a transfer are as simple as any other leading fintech app.

More Access to Web3 and Beyond!

The world of Web3 is making connections more important than ever, and both CeFi and DeFi have a role to play in the emerging Web3 ecosystem. With this new integrated transfer system, Trust Wallet is well placed to help almost anyone get in on the action.

Instead of tackling a big learning curve, now, Trust Wallet users can make seamless transfers, and won’t be as likely to make mistakes when moving cryptos around.

Jonathan Lim, Global Head of Binance Pay, commented,

“Binance Pay is excited to be integrated with Trust Wallet to simplify the process for users to transfer their crypto assets between two services. Trust Wallet is the first decentralized wallet we supported, Binance Pay looks forward to becoming the key access to Web3 by bridging the worlds of CeFi and DeFi.”

While there has been market turmoil in 2022, both in the legacy financial markets, and the crypto sphere, the long term outlook for crypto development is extremely positive. More innovation is happening all the time, and established players, like Binance, are looking for ways to make systems work better.

A Bright Future for Cryptos

Leading exchange providers, who are able to weather the current crypto storm, are well placed to recover when the markets turn up. While we don’t know when that will happen, every crypto winter leads to the green shoots of crypto spring.

When markets do turn up, Web3 is likely to be a big part of what drives the next crypto bull market.

Bipul Sinha, Group Product Manager at Coinbase, told media,

“At Coinbase, we’re looking to build a bridge to web3, bringing more people the benefits of seamless access to the cryptoeconomy. We designed Coinbase Pay to make it easier than ever for users to get web3 ready, with ability to fund their self-custody wallet or dapps in a few easy steps. We’re excited to work with leaders like Trust Wallet to bring this ease to the ecosystem.”

Coinbase has been happy to embrace regulations, and create a safe trading environment for its clients. With this new integrated transfer system, its clients can use Trust Wallet with an even easier, more efficient transfer system.

Trust Wallet Will Grow From Here

Trust Wallet already allows its users to store and manage more than 8 million kinds of crypto assets, as well as other hot items, like NFTs.

Eric Chang, Head of Product at Trust Wallet, stated,

“Our goal at Trust Wallet is to make crypto and DeFi very easy to use for everybody. With the addition of Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay we want to introduce simpler and cheaper ways for people to access web3 while reducing as much of the friction as possible from the user journey.”

Now, Trust Wallet users can make transfers the easy way, and work with some of the best CEXs in the world. To learn more about Trust Wallet, just click here!

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