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Tuxi Develops a Charity Token to Fund Kitten Protection

The new feline charity token is soon to come for all crypto and kitten enthusiasts during its presale on February 27. The platform identifies as the ‘official feline charity token’ aimed at helping in endeavors to protect kittens in the US. As such, whatever funds come from the token will go to sheltering kittens, funds to help with their vet visits, digital and physical adoption services, and finally, the trade of digital assets. 

The project gets its inspiration from Floki, one of the most trendy meme cryptocurrencies in the market today. Moreover, it has forged partnerships with the Binance Smart Chain, OpenSea, the Metamask wallet, PancakeSwap, and Amazon Smile.

Tuxi has taken its time to build a platform that will make changes and create a name for itself in the crypto world. Its team recognizes the time it has spent perfecting the project and surviving the process while bringing significant connections on board, including developers, designers, advertisers, to mention but a few. So far, the project is not doxxed, and the team remains anonymous. 

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The TUXI Token

The TUXI token will be charity-driven, as earlier mentioned, to help people who love cats. Furthermore, the token aims at bringing hype to the project while remaining credible to all users. As such, the token has a secure contract on Unicrypt, hoping to provide security audits and KYC verifications with time. You can view the contract here for more details, including access to its source code. 

TUXI’s initial DEX offering will be on Unicrypt, with a 180 BNB hard cap, and a 50 BNB soft cap. The low cap aims at driving the token’s volatility. To limit bias during the presale, each account involved can only spend 1.5 BNB. After the presale, the token will also be available on PancakeSwap. Notably, it is a tax-free token, and it is advisable to use low slippage during the sale. 

The project assures its investors that the token will have a finite supply to increase the scarcity of its market supply. Additionally, part of it will be locked to increase the project’s liquidity, besides scheduled weekly token burns to improve its market valuation. Therefore, investors can rest easy as $TUXI will be a good option for long-term investment opportunities. 

The project will also encourage long-term community participation, giving more power to the users in decision-making processes. Its soon to come raffle dApp (TUXI Hat Daw) will give users a chance to win huge prizes, increasing the incentives for participation. Its Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) will add to the fairness of how the raffle dApp will work. 

About Tuxi

Tuxi has plans to develop its first dApp that will enable users to connect their wallets to donate to its charity address. It builds a marketplace for NFTs and other merchandise for users to trade assets globally using their Metamask wallets. 

The TUXI Kennel will be an avenue to adopt kittens in the US digitally or physically. On the other hand, TUXI University will help fund aspiring veterinarians who have issues with their education costs.

Another objective is to acquire CoinMarketCap or Coin Gecko’s fast-tracking services to get a listing on the sites. Finally, it will have high-end advertising opportunities, including erecting billboards in huge cities and leveraging Dextools.

For more details about Tuxi, visit its website, Telegram, and Twitter pages for updates.

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