Walmart Metaverse: Everything we know so far

Walmart (WMT) enters the Metaverse.

The retail titan said on Monday that it will be releasing two interactive online games alongside Roblox, a metaverse mega-platform that is incredibly well-liked by youngsters. 

Walmart said that it is aiming for the next generation of shoppers because Covid-19 changed consumer purchasing patterns and drove up e-commerce volumes. During the pandemic, Walmart’s e-commerce volume went by nearly 75%.

The “Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp will participate in a Netflix trivia experience in “Walmart Land,” which will also have a virtual changing room and a music festival with well-known performers. Additionally, it will market “verch” for avatars that correspond to actual goods sold in Walmart shops. 

The second attraction, Walmart’s Universe of Play, will provide interactive games with figures from some of its best-selling Christmas toy lines, including Paw Patrol and L.O.L. Surprise!

Walmart is particularly interested in attracting Gen Z to VR. Kane Brown and Madison Beer will play at Walmart Land’s Electric Fest. Products like Halsey’s beauty collection, afp4, and Bailey’s skin care collaboration and YouTubers Brooklyn with Walmart are available in its online changing room. 

According to a news statement from the firm, Walmart’s chief marketing officer, William White, is aware that customers are spending “loads of time” on Roblox.

Walmart started in 1962 by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas. It was primarily started as a single discount store. Walmart has 4743 stores in the United States alone and about 2755 stores in Mexico, with Texas having 516 stores alone. There are about 11,501 stores worldwide spread around 26 countries. Walmart has about 2.3 million employees worldwide, and 40% of them work part time. The company also indicates that 55% of its employees are females. Walmart generated a revenue of $57 billion dollars in 2022.

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