What Changes to Expect in the Education Space in 2022?

Just like the world is constantly evolving, so is education. With more technology and innovation happening now more than ever, education needs to adapt to succeed in the future.

If you’re wondering what changes you and your students should expect, here is a brief overview of some changes you will see in 2022.

The Utilisation of Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like a relatively new innovation in the education sector, it has slowly increased its presence in various ways. From automated grading to producing insightful reports, there are many aspects that artificial intelligence can deal with. 

When you’re looking to make your processes more efficient, faster and reliable for your educators and students, artificial intelligence is the way to go. You can expect more uses for AI in the coming year, and much of it will relate to how assessments are delivered and handled in schools. 

Hybrid Learning Plans

As the world is coming out of COVID-19, many schools have decided to open fully. However, parents are still uncertain whether sending their kids back to these learning environments is the right choice.

In such a scenario, many schools are already looking into hybrid learning options that can incorporate the new needs of students today. 2022 will be a year where hybrid learning plans will be introduced, where students will only attend school when they feel like they need to. It will ensure that students are in a comfortable learning environment for them at all times. 

Skill-Learning Options

With an increasing focus on enhancing skills and less importance on knowing theoretical knowledge, schools will be planning their curriculum differently in 2022. Many educators are voicing the requirement of comprehensive skill-building classes in schools, and the curriculum is also being shaped accordingly.

You can expect 2022 to be a year where students learn various skills to ensure their future success. New skills like learning different languages or taking a class on becoming known on social networks will be introduced in many schools globally. 

Personalised Learning Plans

Many platforms already enable schools to create customised assessment plans for their students, but this will be enhanced in 2022. Educators create personalised learning plans to ensure that each student learns at their own pace.

Personalised learning plans will consider individual students’ strengths and weaknesses and areas they find challenging. The curriculum will be framed to focus more on the student’s challenges. It will ensure that students are becoming more confident in areas they were initially weak in.

By personalising each student’s learning plan, educators will be ensuring that their students don’t fall behind and successfully exit their initial schooling. 


With the rising popularity of games and interactive programs, it shouldn’t be surprising that gamification is expected to blow up in 2022. Many solutions are already offering a blend of gaming and teaching to ensure that students absorb more information than ever through interactive games. 

Students will also collaborate with others and work in teams to go through these games. It will ensure that they enhance their soft skills while gaining knowledge crucial for them later on. 

Equitable Access

It was hard for people with special needs to have education on the same level as their peers with traditional education. However, with the introduction of online assessments and training, students can take assessments and exams without being hindered in any way.

These platforms have features like voice-to-text options, text magnification and more to help students who require extra accessibility options. In 2022, these features will be further enhanced and incorporate more options that can cater to all needs. 

The upcoming trends for 2022 signal a clear shift in the education sector, focusing more on being forward-thinking than being stuck in traditions.

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