What Do You Need In Advanced Product Information Management Software

Managing all the product information can be challenging if you manage the products for an eCommerce store. The case is similar for physical stores with a large number of products. Product Information Management systems are designed to help you do the same with better efficiency. You can visit site to learn how Product Information Management (PIM) Systems work. 

This advanced software can help you automate all the information for your products in one place. They help you centralise all the data related to your product. PIMs are a set of various tools that makes managing product information easier for you. You can leverage all the advanced tools that are a part of PIM systems. 

What Do You Need In Advanced PIM Software?

Product Information Management systems are quite prevalent in the market. It might confuse you as a store owner/manager to choose the best one for your requirements. Here are some features that you should look for in advanced PIM software for your store.  

Easy Data Import Feature

Product Information Management System is all about managing data, and it can never be good software if you’re facing trouble while importing the data. You should be able to access the PIM software easily, and data import should be a straightforward process.

The data import feature should also be compatible with various databases out there. If it doesn’t support any database, it can be a limiting factor for your software.

The best idea would be to check out all the databases that you use to store the data. You can also consider if you’re going to use any other database in the future. 

The Option to Create and Manage Labels

When you have a lot of sensitive data to deal with, the option to create labels and manage them will make your work a lot easier. You can create labels based on the category of the data or products, and the team can interact with the data accordingly. You can create labels for the task of every team to avoid any confusion among the various teams. 

This feature can help you organise and manage the whole data in a far better way. It will also help you and your team get access to the required data. 

Bulk Editing Feature

It often happens that you have to make some changes in a particular set of data stored across various platforms. You cannot go and edit all this manually, as it will consume a lot of time. Your resources will be a complete waste on this task. There will be no point in having PIM software in that case if you still have to waste so many resources.

Your PIM software must have a bulk editing feature to avoid a similar scenario. You can use this feature to manage and edit all the data in bulk. It will save a lot of time for you and your valuable resources. This feature is usually very helpful for eCommerce stores.

Advanced Analytical Tools

Being able to track all the analytical information on PIM will help you optimise your store accordingly. Advanced PIM software allows you to get a complete analysis of your products in real-time. They use machine learning to identify any issue based on the data already stored there.

The feature can help you find an issue right away, and you’ll be able to solve them accordingly. PIMs are also able to fix such common problems using machine learning. It helps your team in optimising all the product data for better results. It is a must-have feature for your Product Information Management software.

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