Why are Blue light glasses an underrated pair of glasses?

Why are Blue light glasses an underrated pair of glasses

Give blue light glasses their worthy share of love! We feel like out of all glasses, there’s something about blue light glasses that makes it better and beneficial than the rest. Varifocal glasses have got enough fame and recognition for its three corrective properties in one lens. Reading glasses are also one of those glasses that have immense love from people. There is much more eyewear that has got its fair share of fame and name.

The one place we forgot to admire is blue light glasses. Blue light glasses are truly a lifesaver for all the people who use screens for hours. That makes it everyone in this world. Digital screen dependency is crippling among youngsters to adults as more and more things are getting digital. The digital world has made business influential, marketing power, and also a platform to get exposure for your skill and talent. There’s no denying that the digital revolution has served us many benefits. But many might say that it’s because of digital use, we’ve got many eye issues? That is also true. Screen use does create eye problems.

How does Screen use harms our eyes?

Digital devices if used properly gives us many benefits but if mismanaged then it creates new problems. Just what the world is facing right now. Screens from digital devices create an enormously damaging effect on our eyes. The major culprit of creating such eye problems is blue light rays. Blue light rays are high energy short-wavelength rays that are emitted from our digital screen, LED lights and along with UV rays from the sun. That’s where Blue light glasses also known as gaming glasses save your eyes.

Blue light rays get easily absorbed in our eyes and penetrate in the retina. The penetration of blue light rays results in severe eye problems like eye strain, headache, burning sensation, blurry vision, neck and shoulder pain and many more.  These problems often appear small and ineffective but it turns into a frequent case which makes us feel tired and exhausted even after a few hours of screen use.

Screen use also leads to uneven sleeping patterns. If you use your screen at night, the blue light rays reaching your eyes put an end to the secretion of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. Once this hormone does not get secreted in our body, we stay awake without feeling sleepy. You will then feel energetic and move on to work on the screen for hours or watch something. Which eventually leads to poor sleeping hours and the then unproductive and irritating day the next morning.

If blue light rays active absorption in the eyes is not put to hold, it can lead to serious disease like age-related macular degeneration, cataract and others.

Blue light glasses: A necessity for all

Blue light glasses work in preventing those rays from any more damage. The blue light coating works on prescription glasses and non-prescription, you don’t have to buy another pair. Blue light glasses contain a special blue light coating that helps to reflect or block these detrimental blue light rays coming from the screens.

Once these rays don’t get absorbed in the eyes due to blue light glasses, your eyes are free of trouble and discomfort. There’s a complete elimination of those discomforting and irritating eye conditions like eye strain, headache, blurry vision, burning sensation and many more.

Blue light glasses also helps you to sleep better as it allows the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin back to active secretion. Which leads to feeling sleepy at the right hours and feeling productive and active the next day. 

Blue light glasses are such an important accessory for both adults and youngsters, all screen-obsessed. But there’s less awareness among people about these remarkable glasses. Hence blue light glasses are underrated but quality addition for your eye protection.

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