Why Settle? BlockDAG Leads & Avalanche in the Crypto Payment Game Post $52.3M Presale

While Avalanche (AVAX) enjoys a price increase and nears a significant merger, BlockDAG has carved out the most noteworthy progress in cryptocurrency. Recently, BlockDag broadcasted its plans for a mainnet launch in mid-August from a lunar venue, introducing its superior Detailed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology.

This tech ensures speedy transactions and secure confirmations through a Proof-Of-Work consensus, establishing its prowess in scalability and safety. With a $52.3 million presale and a Low Code/No Code framework for decentralised apps, BlockDAG is becoming the preferred investment, outshining both AVAX and in potential and novelty.

Avalanche (AVAX) Price Rally: Sustainability in Question?

Avalanche (AVAX) has witnessed a 4.41% rise in price to $36.36, spurred by investor optimism. The trading volume has increased by 4.76% to $361 million, reflecting robust investor interest. Despite some resistance near $36.50, AVAX’s market value is proving durable, hinting at potential future growth.

The market cap for AVAX grew 4.39%, reaching $14.3 billion, ranking it as the twelfth largest cryptocurrency. Technical indicators, including the MACD and RSI, predict continued upward movement, with an RSI at 56.32 suggesting there’s still potential for more increase. The Stochastic Momentum Index at 64.28 corroborates the ongoing buyer interest.’s Merger with Ocean and SingularityNET’s (FET) price has fluctuated recently due to the anticipated merger with Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET. The FET token dropped to $1.4675 but recovered to $1.6850 after positive U.S. inflation news. Originally planned for Thursday, the merger is now set for July 15. Post-merger, the FET token will be exchanged for the Super Intelligence (ASI) token, marking a major milestone in cryptocurrency mergers.

Valued at $1.4 billion,, AGIX and Ocean Protocol, valued at $890 million and $401 million, respectively, will merge their AI technologies. Despite recent dips below critical support levels and bearish trends, the merger’s potential to establish a unified AI giant renders a fascinating investment.

BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote: $3M Raised in 12 Hours, Mainnet Launch Approaching

BlockDAG recently captivated audiences with an innovative keynote from the Moon, unveiling the forthcoming mainnet launch scheduled for mid-August. This event showcased their advanced DAG technology, ensuring quick and secure transactions via a Proof-Of-Work consensus. This technology not only promises enhanced security but also boosts scalability.

BlockDAG’s ability to facilitate quick, low-cost microtransactions positions it as a superior option for payment solutions, particularly in decentralised applications involving small transaction amounts.

This capability is crucial for in-game economies, tipping mechanisms, and monetising content, where minimising fees is vital. Moreover, BlockDAG supports efficient machine-to-machine payments, which bolsters the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, setting BlockDAG apart as a leader in facilitating small-scale transactions.

The presale rapidly gained momentum, garnering $3 million in just 12 hours, and it’s possibly on track to achieve $5 million daily. To date, BlockDAG has raised $52.3 million, issued over 11.7 billion BDAG coins, and earned $3.3 million from miner sales. With 8006 miners already sold, BlockDAG offers a prime investment opportunity for those seeking to leverage its cutting-edge technology and expansion trajectory.


Investors searching for the most promising crypto ventures should look no further than BlockDAG. Although Avalanche (AVAX) demonstrates resilience and’s merger presents interesting prospects, BlockDAG’s groundbreaking DAG technology and swift growth highlight its unparalleled potential. The platform’s accessible development environment and robust financial support underline its industry leadership. With the imminent mainnet launch and sustained presale success, BlockDAG will significantly influence diverse industries.

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