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2 Jail Guards Arrested in Jeffrey Epstein suicide Case 

According to reports, two jail guards arrested in the Jaffrey Epstein Suicide case. These two men have to guard him. They have the responsibility to keep their eyes on him. But he was suicide in the strong security. Now, police arrested them because of some reason.  Jeffrey Epstein was in police custody. Then he killed himself one month ago. He was in New York jail custody. 

As the New York report, he is the responsibility of guards. But the guards cannot do their duty well. That’s why this situation appears now. Hence, both are in police custody and will be action against them. Police have orders to charge them later on Tuesday morning. Therefore, CNN reported Tuesday that “at least one guard” on duty. They talk about the night was expected to surrender at a Manhattan federal court on charges.

Jaffrey Epstein was a money manager. He did the unresponsive in his cell. Then Police had arrested him in August. Thus, his suicide came a little over a month after he was arrested. He has many crimes like he used dozens of girls for smuggling. In the smuggling, case police were arrested him. But he was requested that he has is not guilty. He has another case; he used the young girls for him to sexually abuse. 

According to the autopsy, Jaffrey Epstein hanged himself. But his brothers and lawyer do not accept the autopsy. Because they said the reports are not real and we have doubts about it. We can’t accept the reports. While his brothers and lawyer represented him in his criminal case. The Law enforcement sources told, guards had failed to check on Epstein every 30 minutes. That’s why they have to face a suicide case. Because of the guards’ mistake, the police arrested them. 

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