Worlds Biggest Gang Chief Survives Assassination attempt

Worlds Biggest Gang Chief Survives Assassination attempt

About a month ago, goons tryed to rob the world’s most famous gang chief, Charlie Dynamite who is the owner of Royal Army Records, which is a UMG DEF JAM affiliate. Charlie Dynamite also known as Charles Owens Saulsberry is also the worlds first human to announce publicly that he is building a space casino.

A source close to him says he was fratnizing in the projects in Chicago at a undisclosed location when 2 unknown assassins ran up and hopped in the car with him, one had a knife, the other had a gun. As one sat in the back with the gun and the other proceeded to open his trunk, he reached back and wrestled the gun from the assassin, whipping his shoulder out of place while trying to pistol whip the assassin, the other assassin stabbed him in the leg, slowing Charlie from pistol wipping the other man. Charlie had to hold his leg after having his calv muscle poached, while holding the wheel with the his left arm that was sprung out of place. The assassins got away, the gun was empty, their only murder weapon was the knife.

Charlie Dynamite made it home safely, and he was rushed to the hospital by loved ones. As we are reporting over a month later after the incident, Charlie has made a full recovery, his calv muscle wounds have healed, he has returned back to exercising.

Also sources have confirmed that Charlie has noticed a song inside his music archive that matches the events showcased during the assassination attempt and has promoted it on facebook as some type of supernatural warning from God, he says the song has made him fear God alot more. The Source also says Charlie plus the other artist on the song, a artist named Michael King were freestyling when they made the song, Charlie had concocted the production a few weeks earlier. The song depicts a eerie under world tone coupled with a crimal culture shock.
The song can be found on Youtube if you type (HELLZ ANGEL Charlie Dynamite UnderWorld) .
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