21 Analytics Unveils Open-Source Blockbook Library for Seamless Blockchain Data Access

Blockbook, an open-source software solution, has gained widespread recognition as a backend component for prominent crypto wallets such as Trezor and Edge and other various services. This technology enables applications to harness up-to-the-minute blockchain data, encompassing transaction specifics, address balances, account history, and the seamless publication of new transactions.

Moreover, it

  • comprehensively indexes addresses and corresponding balances from the linked blockchain,
  • aids effortless and efficient index searching for lightning-fast data retrieval,
  • enhances accessibility and navigation due to its user-centric blockchain explorer,
  • is available through both WebSocket and REST API protocols, and
  • offers support for over 30 cryptocurrencies, with the potential for effortless expansion to other coin types.

As open-source enthusiasts, we have a strong ambition at 21 Analytics to also contribute to the community and the Bitcoin ecosystem. The open-sourced Blockbook library is powering automation in 21 Travel Rule, our compliance solution for VASPs. We concluded that if it serves us well, it must also be useful for other innovators.  

Filip Gospodinov, CTO 21 Analytics 

21 Analytics’ newly unveiled Blockbook Library introduces an innovative approach to decentralised data retrieval. By harnessing the power of an API, wallet applications can effortlessly retrieve blockchain data from a server, streamlining the process and improving user experiences.

The library acts as a gateway, communicating with Blockbook servers to retrieve essential data from the Bitcoin Blockchain. This approach simplifies and expedites the integration process, enabling software engineers to focus on optimising user experiences without the burden of intricate protocol implementation.

Developing open-source tools and software is at the core of 21 Analytics’ ethos.

With open-source software, transparency and trust are fostered, two essential elements in cryptocurrency. Open-source projects, like the Blockbook library, allow anyone to inspect the code, ensuring no hidden vulnerabilities or backdoors.

The company believes that the ecosystem can truly flourish through open-source software development.

For additional details on this innovative release and the 21 Analytics’ Blockbook library, visit

About 21 Analytics

Founded by Bitcoiners in 2020, 21 Analytics is a leader in crypto compliance technology and security. By leveraging the team’s vast experience in blockchain, it has been possible to advance the company’s ethos of combining compliance with data protection while strengthening privacy for financial intermediaries and their customers.


21 Analytics 

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