5 Important Considerations When Starting a Construction Job

When undertaking a construction job – be it a small-scale renovation or a large-scale development – there are some key considerations to take into account. A seasoned, professional construction worker or builder will know these off by heart, but an amateur or first-time developer may not.

From the cost of materials to the noise pollution and disruption that can be caused during the process, every minor detail should be planned and considered before beginning. For that reason, taking time and care to properly design and organize the construction process is of paramount importance.

Material costs

This organization could begin with the calculation of rough material costs. The price of many building materials fluctuates depending on the market around them. For example, softwood lumber in Canada is heavily dependent on the homebuilding market in the USA. These links in market prices are key and should be monitored if large amounts of any material are going to be necessary for the construction.

It is often possible to save money by buying in bulk while having excellent industry connections can also lower prices. Sending out feelers for the best material costs early will give you time to compare prices and find the best deal before construction begins.


If it is a renovation, then fully assessing the current structural integrity of the building is essential. From there, any existing problems can be uncovered and solved before they pose an even larger threat later in the process.

A huge enemy of any construction job is damp and moisture. This is quite often embedded in the existing property or building, but it can also be an issue when using compressed air or other machinery. For that reason, finding a quality air dryer, such as those at, will help avoid moisture and liquid related pitfalls. 


Knowing how long a project should take is key. That way, labor costs can be estimated, as can the length of time neighbors can expect to be disrupted if it is a noisy build. To avoid disappointment, timescales should be longer than the actual estimated completion time, with an internal target set so that motivation and progress remain high and fast-paced. 

Quality of end product

Quality control should be maintained throughout the construction project. Planning at the beginning of a build and how quality and progress will be assessed is key to keeping operations running smoothly. 

If the construction project is not checked regularly, problems may arise mid-build that set your estimated completion date back significantly. House size in the USA is amongst the highest in the world, meaning the scope for mistakes is theoretically larger. Therefore, checking quality regularly is essential.

Noise pollution

As suggested, the potential noise pollution of construction jobs can be an issue. This should be assessed in advance by considering what tools are going to be used, the scale of the job, and what nearby residential areas there are. If necessary, neighbors should be contacted and warned in advance of any severe disruptions to peace and quiet.

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