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An activist from Arizona accused of illegally harboring 

Arizona activist, arrested to shelter because of harbored two Central American immigrants. On Wednesday, this case was hearing. Then the court ordered to acquit him quickly. Because he has many points, and he excuses them. Thus, that camp operated by a humanitarian group well. 

The court verdict after two hours of discussion. Hence, this decision by a jury in U.S. District Court came after witnesses thought the second trial for Scott Warren. And the mistrial was announced last June after judges deadlocked on regarding charges. Then he was in police custody for more investigation. But now the court has released him after a long time. The U.S agents arrested Warren in January 2018. 

Therefore, Warren was full of anger and aggression. After the court, he said, the humanitarian become crime here. As everyone knows that the government failed in its attempt. Because it is not easy to criminalize basic human kindness. This is the major issue in this country that social service gives punishment. The government has been unable now. Because they don’t keep me more in their custody. Warren said outside the court; i was not criminal. But they treated me like a criminal. 

Scott Warren celebrates his verdict outside the Federal Courthouse

While the jury’s quick decision was totally against Warren’s last trial. This decision was a lack of consensus. After the jurors deliberated for several days. Warren’s lawyer said the new jury followed the law carefully. This decision is best and full of human kindness support. This is the best step to the verdict against the government. Hence, it proves that every humanitarian aid is not always a crime. 

Border activist Scott Warren acquitted of harboring immigrants who crossed US-Mexico border
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