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Xiaomi says ‘we are waves of the same sea’ gave tens of thousands of masks to coronavirus-stricken Italy

The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi gave Italy’s government, tens of thousands of FFP3 face masks. They do this to support to overpower the quick spread of the coronavirus. In this way, they contribute to controlling a scarcity in the country’s health resources.

According to the official Xiaomi Italia Facebook page;

They are sending the first of several consignments of anti-coronavirus face masks to Italy’s Civil Protection Department this week. The Beijing-based company manufactures everything like smartphones, laptops, and earphones. They gave the FFFP3 masks as a symbol of thankfulness to permit the electronics company to settle in and feel “highly combined” after reaching in the European country two years before. The images of Xiaomi’s face mask develop consignments contained a quote from the early Roman philosopher Seneca as;

“We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.”

Till Sunday in Italy, the deaths increased to 366 people Sunday and up to 7,300 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 disease. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte contracted a decree last week. It is for isolation affecting 15 provinces and up to one-quarter of the country’s 60 million people.

Chew Shou Zi, CFO, and President of International Xiaomi Corporation, in a report given to Mashable Italia over the weekend, stated;

“The non-stop growth and fast spread of Xiaomi in Italy has a close connection to our users, admirers, and the general public. This sign, therefore, does not shows only a way to express thanks and to give our help. It is also the palpable declaration that we feel a united section of this country. This support is exactly the feeling of relation and united with bottomless unity. It also executes a high sense of accountability on all peoples as a worldwide company.”

The Xiaomi chief financial officer further stated to the Italian tech publication; 

“We were closely welcomed with great eagerness. It is a means of countless pride as we can play our role in a contribution today to the help of the Department of Civil Protection. We will carry out it with promise and willpower. It is also a great work for the assistance of the overall community.”

Italy has been the firmest country. Coronavirus attacks it and feast outside of Asia, with the COVID-19 disease having first come under global inspection in Wuhan, China. As Mashable Italia records, Xiaomi’s action is not the first symbol of unity between the two countries. Foreign-born inhabitants of Wenzhou City and the public of Prato also arrange fundraising movements for those potentially inflicted with the virus.

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