Canaan Launches New Bitcoin Miners in Middle East: Eyes Regional Blockchain Opportunities

Leading crypto miner manufacturer Canaan has announced in a PR shared with Blockonomi, the launch of its latest A14 series Bitcoin miners at an event in Dubai this week, marking a strategic entry into the Middle East market.

The new air-cooled A1466 and immersion-cooled A1466I miners boast advanced features optimized for the region’s climate and Canaan’s sustainability vision.


  • Canaan, a leading blockchain and crypto mining company, has launched two new Bitcoin miners – the A1466 and A1466I – in the Middle East market.
  • The A1466I employs immersion cooling technology for better heat dissipation, can be overclocked for higher hash rate, and is designed to withstand Middle East climate conditions.
  • The A1466 is an air cooled miner focused on power efficiency and performance.
  • Canaan views the Middle East as a crucial market due to its renewable energy sources, progressive blockchain regulations, and growing crypto economy.
  • As host of COP28, the Middle East is leading in green transition efforts, aligning with Canaan’s sustainability strategy.
  • Canaan aims to establish a cleaner, more innovative crypto mining landscape in the Middle East through advanced miners like the A14 series.
  • The company highlights its history of developing green mining solutions and partnerships promoting environmental sustainability.

The Middle East presents lucrative opportunities for Canaan, given its growing blockchain ecosystem, commitment to renewable energy, and crypto economy valued at nearly $390 billion last year. As host of the 2023 COP28 climate summit, the region is also spearheading green transition efforts.

Canaan aims to support these sustainability goals while also leveraging the Middle East’s flourishing crypto and blockchain space. The company touts its history of developing energy-efficient mining rigs and collaborating on green mining projects worldwide.

The immersion-cooled A1466I is designed to maximize performance and durability in the harsh desert environments. Its proprietary cooling system enables overclocking up to 250 TH/s hash rate while efficiently dispersing heat.

Meanwhile, the air-cooled A1466 delivers up to 180 TH/s with an energy-efficient 21.5 J/T, positioning it as a cost-effective mining solution. Both models can be customized to meet clients’ needs.

Canaan views the Middle East as a natural fit for its global expansion plans given the shared priorities of innovation and sustainability. With the new A14 series, the company aims to enable cleaner and more advanced crypto mining practices across the region.

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