Crypto Adoption Tsunami: Will Spot Bitcoin ETFs Get Approved Today?

Rumors are swirling that the SEC could approve the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) as soon as Friday, January 5th, bringing the cryptocurrency to mainstream Wall Street. The speculation stems from cryptic tweets by industry insiders as well as reported meetings between the SEC and major stock exchanges.


  • Speculation is growing that the SEC could approve a spot Bitcoin ETF as soon as Friday, January 5th, fueled by tweets from industry insiders. However, some analysts think approvals are more likely next week.
  • The SEC is having meetings this week with major stock exchanges like NYSE and Nasdaq where potential Bitcoin ETFs would trade. This is seen as a positive sign.
  • Sources say the SEC could begin notifying ETF issuers of approvals on Friday, with trading starting as soon as next week. The SEC continues meeting with key players.
  • If approved, retail investors would get exposure to Bitcoin through trusted Wall Street firms at less cost than existing BTC futures ETFs. This could encourage more mainstream adoption.
  • However, some platforms think the SEC will reject the ETF applications due to the Democrat commissioners’ crypto skepticism. Bitcoin prices temporarily dropped 7% on this rumor.

Approval would allow everyday investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin through trusted financial giants like BlackRock and Fidelity. Retail investors could benefit from lower costs compared to existing BTC futures ETFs. This ease of access may encourage more investors to dip their toes into crypto.

However, some crypto platforms predict the SEC will ultimately reject the ETF applications, citing the anti-crypto stance of the Democrat commissioners. Bitcoin briefly dropped 7% on this rumor earlier this week.

Fourteen issuers have spot Bitcoin ETF applications pending with the SEC. The agency is reportedly providing final commentary and expecting revised filings soon. Once the SEC signs off on these forms, it could rapidly trigger trading.

Attorney Jake Chervinsky, who has followed the ETF saga closely, tweeted on January 4th that he expects approvals between January 8th-10th. Others point to a January 5th tweet from Grayscale Investments’ lawyer ambiguously “filling out some forms” as evidence that news is imminent.

Behind the scenes, SEC officials have been meeting with the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and CBOE – where these highly-anticipated ETFs would trade. These talks suggest the long regulatory approval process may finally reach the finish line. The SEC is asking for final tweaks to the exchanges’ filings required to launch trading.

Sources close to the dealmaking say the SEC could notify approved ETF issuers on Friday, leading to the first Bitcoin ETF trades as soon as next week. This would UNLEASH crypto into retail brokerage accounts on a massive scale for the first time ever.

While the crypto community waits with bated breath for a decision, Wall Street money managers are gearing up to market Bitcoin to Main Street. A spot ETF approval would unleash a marketing blitz around digital assets aimed at everyday savers and 401k holders.

Firms like BlackRock and Fidelity introducing crypto ETFs could rapidly accelerate mainstream adoption. The SEC stamp of approval alongside trusted brands may encourage skeptical investors to allocate a small portion of their portfolios to digital assets.

Easy access via retirement accounts could see Baby Boomers and even pension funds experimenting with tiny Bitcoin allocations. This would expand the crypto investor base far beyond tech-savvy Millennials.

In one fell swoop, an ETF approval would blast open the floodgates between cryptocurrency and the $7 trillion US retirement market. So while BTC prices may swing wildly in the short term, this potential regulatory green light could reshape Wall Street and crypto for years to come.

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