Digital marketing trends for 2020 according to COSTORO MEDIA

Digital Marketing is a relatively new aspect of marketing, and it is has a dynamic nature as well. Digital marketers need to stay on top of their game to sync with the latest trends of digital marketing.

COSTORO Media keenly focuses on every changing aspect of digital marketing. As of now, COSTORO Media has identified some digital marketing trends that are becoming popular in 2020. Let’s learn about these trends.

Email Marketing but with a Twist

One of the major strategies in digital marketing is building your email list. Email marketing is still one of the top trends in digital marketing, but it has taken a better shape than before. Email marketing is now utilized with a touch of personalization. The digital marketing industry is calling it personalized email marketing. Rather than writing the same promotional offer or newsletter for the whole email list, personalized messages are sent to the email addresses on the list. Every email address owner gets a message based on his buying behavior as understood by a platform.

COSTORO Media thinks that it is going to be the most successful and popular digital marketing trend in 2020.

Video Content

Because of social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, video content is something that more and more companies are adopting. This trend will only get stronger in 2020 as per COSTORO Media.

Videos content allows companies to showcase their products or services better. You can give an in-depth demo or introduction of your products & services engagingly. It allows the customers to ask questions and engage with the companies.

Influencer Marketing

Over the years, influencer marketing has become very popular. Influencers are digital media content creators and have good reach as well. Influencer marketing works like word of mouth. These influencers endorse your products or services and their followers get to know about the product and might as well test the product or service. Influencers have thousands of followers on social media platforms, and with a single post or video, thousands of people can embrace your product or service.

This digital marketing trend is only going to get bigger in 2020.

Mobile Marketing

The mobile phone has become the most favorite gadget of everyone, and about 1/3 of online sales are made with mobile phones. People who are missing out on mobile marketing are actually making a huge mistake, and they’ll regret it later. But, it is one of the top digital marketing trends in 2020. Mobile marketing includes optimizing your website and content for mobile phones, optimizing your videos for mobile view, and designing your website keeping in mind the mobile phone users. COSTORO Media has identified mobile marketing as one of the top trends in 2020.

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