More Companies Are Dragging Out of Mobile World Congress due to Virus threats

AT&T is the newest main company to abandon scheduled contribution in the coming Mobile World Congress trade show. It is going to happen in Barcelona. The main focus of the show is on worries of the quickest feast of new coronavirus.

The Tuesday announcement of AT&T’s came on the resoles of Cisco Systems. They made Intel’s statements to back out of the largest smartphone show of the world.

The telecom announced

We know it is an honour for us to participate in effective industry groups like GSMA. We also value the actions they forwarded to secure participation. Regretfully, it is also a more reliable decision to drag out our participation from the conference. With the help of this decision, we want to protect our workers and clients.

Cisco stated on Tuesday

“Our company honestly appreciates everything that Mobile World Congress made to secure its participants. We are also seeing forward to participate in the next conferences. We will also remember all automatically effected in our prayers.” The companies that have pulled out of themselves from this world’s biggest smartphone conference are also increasing gradually.

Still, these companies apologized to participate in the event as of Monday night:

  • LG Electronics
  • Ericsson(ERIC)
  • Sony(SNE)
  • com(AMZN)
  • Nvidia(NVDA)
  • Amdocs(DOX)
  • NTT DoCoMo (Japanese wireless facility supplier)
  • InterDigital(IDCC)
  • CommScope Holding(COMM)
  • Viavi Solutions(VIAV)
  • Intel
  • Cisco
  • AT&T
  • Accedian (Canada-based presentation analytics company)
  • Gigaset (German phone creator)
  • Sprintrade (Italian ad network)
  • Umidigi (China-based smartphone company)
  • Ulefone (China-based smartphone company)
  • Vivo (phone manufacturer)
  • MediaTek (chip manufacturer)

Moreover, the Chinese tech corporations ZTE and TCL have negated prearranged news show. But they are also thinking of joining the conference. Till on Sunday, there were no decisions to abandon the show. In the past, it catches up to 100,000 participants all around the world. The GSMA is a trade connotation. They are also the promoters of the conference. They are also confident to continue it in spite of the rising more defections.

The resources stated in a blog column

“The GSMA is well aware that coronavirus has created a disturbance. It also creates problems for exhibitors and participants all around the world.  Especially it also affected the 5-6,000 (5-6%) who have generally participated from China,” 

“Our compassion is also for all those affected. Now, the GSMA is going in advance as prearranged. They will also host MWC Barcelona 24-27 February 2020. Whereas the GSMA approve, few huge exhibitors decided not to participate in the conference.”

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