Discover Why BlockDAG Could Be Your Ticket to a 10,000x Fortune in the Ongoing Bull-Run; Updates on Hedera’s Price & Bitbot Presale

Hedera’s (HBAR) price predictions seem to be coming true as it continues the upward climb in the market, joining the likes of top crypto gainers. On the other hand, two new key players in their presale stages – Bitbot and BlockDAG – are gaining massive attention of investors.

Bitbot has just entered the fourth stage in its presale. Meanwhile, BlockDAG has been turning heads with its smashing presale records, as it crossed the $2 million mark in its ongoing batch 2 of presale and has become investors’ top choice for its incredible income opportunities.

Hedera (HBAR) price prediction: HBAR’s upward trend

Hedera (HBAR) is a sustainable, enterprise-grade public network that allows individuals and businesses to create powerful decentralized applications (DApps). Hedera remained among the crypto market’s profitable and good-performing currencies this month. It also has witnessed decent gains and a stable rise in the last week.

Considering Hedera’s soaring prices in the market, analysts have positive price predictions for Hedera, forecasting that the coin will most likely continue its bullish run. But with the ongoing presale of promising cryptocurrencies like BlockDAG, HBAR investors – despite Hedera’s price predictions – are jumping on the bandwagon to join the projects early to make massive returns.

Bitbot Presale

Bitbot is another new addition hoping to make it big in the crypto market. It is currently in stage four of its presale. Bitbot is known as the first non-custodial Telegram trading bot in the world. The expanding popularity of Telegram trading bots has given Bitbot a favourable place in the crypto market.

Bitbot’s presale is currently in progress and has so far made $717k. But with many other strong new contenders in the market, can Bitbot manage to stay ahead in the game? The impressive return on investments offered by other currencies in presales can create hurdles for Bitbot.

BlockDAG Becomes Investors’ Favourite Amidst the Ongoing Bull Run

BlockDAG (BDAG) – the newest crypto project with a hybrid consensus mechanism – has been making incredible numbers in its mega, successful presale. With over 1 billion BDAG coins sold, it has made over $2 million in its presale.

Termed by crypto analysts as the ‘Kaspa Killer’, BlockDAG continues to turn heads for its incredible return on investments for early birds. Crypto enthusiasts who invested early in Batch 1 have already made 50x more returns on their investments. BlockDAG’s Batch 2 is currently priced at $0.0015 and is rapidly selling out because of the attention it’s getting from investors. BlockDAG will also reward 50 community members by giving away a whopping $2 million cash prize. Such incredible investment opportunities have made BlockDAG a favourite among crypto investors – especially those looking to diversify their portfolios.

This advanced layer 1 blockchain in the world promises user-friendly mining, security, scalability, decentralization and diversified income streams. BlockDAG will also list on major exchanges like KuCoin, CoinEx, and Bitget once its pre-sales end, which is expected to bring an even more significant surge in the coin’s value once it enters top-tier exchanges. Setting a clear roadmap for 2024, BlockDAG plans on outpacing every presale competitor by hitting its massive $600 million milestone.

Investors See Big Profits In BlockDAG 

Crypto investors see BlockDAG as a great opportunity to diversify their portfolio while making massive returns on investments. BlockDAG rapidly selling out batch 2 has left behind other currencies like Bitbot in presale, which proves as a testament to the confidence and trust that investors have in BlockDAG. As many investors put their investments in BlockDAG, the coin is expected to sell out its batch 2 completely, raising the prices for this new crypto coin and making it the ultimate ticket for investors to make a 10,000x fortune.

Invest in BlockDAG Presale:







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