Innovative Mobile Gaming Ecosystem OneTo11 Thrives Under the Stewardship of TDeFi

With the global blockchain technology market witnessing an exponential rise, several dynamic facilitators and innovative catalysts have appeared in the scene to make the growth smooth and seamless. TDeFi, a pioneering Web3 incubator and consulting company, seeks to support ambitious projects that intend to disrupt the status quo and aspire to become a game changer in the truest sense of the term.

The TDeFi incubated projects, spanning diverse, cutting-edge sectors such as DeFi, NFT, healthcare, infrastructure, gaming, marketplace, metaverse, utility, and task-fi, showcase TDeFi’s commitment to fostering innovation across the entire crypto ecosystem.

Among the many projects TDeFi has propelled forward, OneTo11 stands out as one of the most captivating, belonging to the new and fast-emerging domain of game-fi infrastructure.

Led by a visionary team of serial entrepreneurs. Since its inception in the last 3 years, the platform has attracted over 3.9 million transactional users out of its 4M registered users. It boasts a peak daily active user (DAU) count exceeding 80,000 and a monthly active user (MAU) count surpassing 730,000, making it the world’s first blockchain gaming ecosystem serving a diverse age group of 16 to 65. The platform features a portfolio of six live games, with an additional five in development, and has a global user base spanning 195 countries, with a significant majority coming from India. These staggering numbers reflect its wide-reaching impact.

As a social gaming platform, OneTo11 revolutionizes how users engage with fantasy and casual games, allowing them to create teams for contests with a chance to win money by being in the top 75%—a notably more accessible threshold compared to the usual 50%.

OneTo11 is not a zero-sum platform where only the winner secures all the funds. Instead, it offers a dual revenue stream, with referral income rewarding users who introduce new participants to the platform. Additionally, non-gamers who contribute content and foster engagement are also incentivized. Furthermore, OneTo11 features a lifetime affiliate model, rewarding users who consistently bring new participants to the platform. This model has provided a vital source of income during the challenging times of COVID-19, when many individuals faced job losses, thereby significantly impacting lives across the nation.

With the guidance of TDeFi, OneTo11 has refined its tokenomics, allocation, vesting, and token utilities. Its tokens, apart from allowing access to fantasy sports, casual games, and learning games, are convertible to other currencies through exchanges like Binance, a significant leap toward flexibility and liquidity. OneTo11 has been a recipient of a development grant by the Hedera Foundation. It has also made progress in making strategic partnerships with platforms like LandVault  and Blade Labs, expanding its ecosystem and enhancing user experience.

With TDeFi’s guidance, OneTo11 has been able to efficiently identify these collaborators, adding value to their proposition, heralding a new era in game-fi, and promising an innovative future for mobile gaming ecosystems.

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About TDeFi

TDeFi is a web3 incubator and consulting firm dedicated to promoting the adoption of web3 technologies. We aim to remove barriers hindering web3 adoption by offering access to renowned mentors, token engineering, token management, community growth assistance, exchange listings, investor connections, and growth hacking partnerships.

Since 2020, TDeFi has successfully guided 60+ companies through the token markets. Several of our portfolio companies have achieved market capitalizations exceeding one billion dollars.

TDeFi’s vision is to establish it as a gateway to an ecosystem that empowers web3 projects aligned with the vision of equitable distribution of wealth for the masses.

About OneTo11

OneTo11 distinguishes itself as a leading entity in the rapidly evolving game-fi infrastructure sector. The company’s vision is to establish the world’s largest social gaming ecosystem on the blockchain, aiming to connect 100 million gamers and a community of 1 million developers by 2031. Its mission is to offer a sustainable source of income for gamers worldwide.

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