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Elections to end the Crisis in Bolivia

All political parties demanding new elections to end the crisis in Bolivia.  The unseated leader Evo Morales hit a deal on Thursday for new elections. Because they want to resolve the South American country’s political crisis. In a Bolivian Senate session, all the members struck a deal. The member of IMS said we want to end all the protests and violence. The protests and violence have put a bad impression on the whole country.

Moreover, a leader Morales resigning under pressure last Sunday. Mónica Eva Copa Murga, who had confirmed in her role. She said today is the a historical day for us. Because we get success to agree to the opposition and government to make new elections. Now the government and opposition are on a single stage. So, we are excited to pacify our country and to defend democracy

Strikes in Bolivia

Thus, She called on Bolivia’s security forces who are facing battles in the roads with pro-Morales supporters. She advised them to treat the country’s native groups with respect.  Moreover, she said, we want peace in our country. Bolivia’s interim President Jeanine Anez said she wanted to mend bridges with Morales’ party. She added Morales himself would not be welcome as a candidate. 

She (Anez) is trying to lead a sharply divided Bolivia. Morals were got success in the elections of 20 October. But she denied this success and said that elections were a fraud. Morales was resigned after a review found electoral flaws. Thus, military removed its support and said to resign with calm. Now Morales and his vice president Alvaro Garcia asylum have offered asylum by Mexico. Anez told a news conference on Thursday, Evo Morales does not qualify to run for a fourth term. The reason is that he had run in defiance of term limits. 

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