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Exclusive NFT Marketplace Moments Launches with Phil Ivey, The Surgeon

Moments has teamed up with poker legend, Phil Ivey, celebrity sneaker designer, The Surgeon, and the celebrated sneaker conference, SneakerCon, to launch the world’s first-ever multiverse NFT. The three-dimensional NFT allows the collector to own a truly historic moment of an icon and become part of the unique in-person and virtual experience associated with it.

“Moments’ mission is to preserve culture-defining moments on the blockchain in partnership with modern-day and past icons”, says Meysam Moradpour, General Manager. Moments is more than just an NFT marketplace because it carefully curates and immortalizes culture’s most significant moments on the blockchain. In doing so, the platform connects celebrated and notorious Icons with their passionate fans and collectors. 

Partnering with Celebrated Icons

Moments is pioneering a new era of NFTs in collaboration with current and past icons across sports, culture and entertainment. “It is a premium NFT platform that offers the first-of-its-kind exclusive three-dimensional NFTs from culture-defining icons across the world” says Moradpour. Whether it is a historic video moment, an unpublished song, lyrics of a song or a super rare picture — these historical moments will be minted as NFTs and made available for trade and auction. “These multiverse NFTs allow the participant to own a Moment and become part of the unique in-person and virtual experience associated with it”, he continues. Fans will be able to bid on their idol’s digital assets on Opensea, or directly on the Moments marketplace as both platforms are synced in real time.

Moments’ debut NFT features a collaboration with Phil Ivey. Ivey is considered by many to be the greatest poker player in the world and is known for playing high-stakes. By partnering with Phil Ivey, Moments is immortalizing the world’s most intense bluffs — a defining moment in the history of poker — as an NFT. The Moment captures a High Stakes poker battle between Phil and Tom Dwan, another legendary icon in the poker community. It is symbolic of the essence of poker and as an immortalized NFT it is a cultural heritage. 

The winner of Phil Ivey’s NFT Moment will get an all-expenses-paid luxury trip to Las Vegas to meet and play poker with Phil Ivey himself in a high-stakes cash game. In addition, there will be a limited edition The Surgeon x Phil Ivey Hybrid Sneaker, tied to the poker bluff moment, and can be worn in the metaverse and in real life. This sneaker is the first-ever metaverse creation made by the Los Angeles-based celebrity custom sneaker designer, The Surgeon. 

Halloween NFT Party

Location of Moments Brand Launch Party on Oct 28th in Las Vegas, NV

Phil Ivey’s NFT will drop on October 28th at the first-ever Halloween NFT Bash to coincide with the official unveiling of the Moments brand. This invite-only event, sponsored by DeFi crypto trading platform Integral, will see crypto and NFT executives, iGaming stars, and pop culture stars come together to celebrate NFTs and officially unveil the Moments brand to the world. “Attendees of our launch party will receive a free NFT from Integral’s exclusive ‘DeFi Superheroes’ collection in cooperation with designers behind the super high-in-demand NFT collectibles, Bored Ape Yacht Club”, Meysam Moradpour says. 

To learn more about Moments, visit: Here

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