FAQs About Electronic Logging Devices for Trucks

electronic logging devices for trucks

Now that it is a requirement to have electronic logging devices for trucks (ELDs), fleet management, logistics, and delivery companies might have numerous questions about these devices. It is good to have correct answers before you install ELDs onto your trucks to avoid wasting money and also to get all the potential benefits. When you engage professional fleet solution providers, they definitely have answers for you.

But when you want to know more, this article has compiled frequently asked questions about electronic logging devices for trucks.

What is an ELD?

This is the first and the most popular question that many fleet professionals ask. ELD is a short form of electronic logging device. ELDs are electronic devices that are connected to the engine of a truck to track hours of service. However, they have more functions than this, especially if they are running on the most modern technology. Many of them show driving habits such as speed, idling, and engine off intervals.

How Are ELDs Installed?

Now that you know what these devices are, you might be wondering how electronic logging devices for trucks are installed. Since it is a requirement in many countries, all trucks in a fleet must have one. The device is connected to the engine and vehicle computer to collect engine operations data such as hours of service. Modern devices are connected to the internet so that they can transmit data in real-time to the managers. Proper installation is done by a professional to save time, money, and avoid inconveniences.

Where and How Are ELDs Bought?

When you want to buy electronic logging devices for trucks, choosing the right supplier is very key. The experts from Eyeride recommend their website since it has the best devices to suit fleets’ needs. Apart from this seller, the web is full of other reliable sellers. The good thing is that many have a variety of different features and prices. When you have a reliable seller, they will guide you on the buying process, and sometimes they might offer installation services.

What Are the Benefits of ELDs?

The electronic logging devices for trucks have many benefits, some of which have been mentioned. They track HoS, which reduces the conflicts between the drivers and employer. Drivers no longer have to fill out manual forms to claim hours they have worked since the ELD will clearly show. They produce results at intervals and transmit them to the supervisors and the HR office. They also show driving habits so that supervisors can monitor unnecessary idling that wastes fuel.

What Are the Expected Challenges with ELDs?

When using electronic logging devices for trucks, you might wonder about the expected challenges. Well, any electronic device might develop problems without a warning. But what matters is the solutions you get from the support team. For instance, they might fail to work due to a hitch that requires software troubleshooting or physical damage to the hardware that requires some changes.


Electronic logging devices for trucks are crucial, whether it is a requirement in your country or not. With the above information on the FAQs and the answers about the devices, it is now easy to buy and install them in your fleet trucks.

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