Firefighters prepare for worse in Australia’s east coast 

On Saturday, plenty of wildfires burned across Australia’s east coast. The firefighters perform their duty and tried to control the whole situation. As they tried to handle it, the bush-fires rage and spread out more. The situation became worse than before. Hence, the firefighters warned the Australians about the hotter weather expected next week.

The early bush-fires have already destroyed more than 300 houses. In starting the spring season, the fierce bush fires effect on several lives and killed them. The same condition appears in the past week. That is totally dangerous for inhabitants. Because of raging fire, the hot weather will also upset people. 

NSW Rural Fire Service told, in New South Wales there were 59 bushes before the fire. On Saturday morning we see 13 bushes that don’t wrap by fire. So, it shows the hard work of firefighters that handled it over the night. Hence, the firefighters recovered overnight containment policies by back burning nearby the Gospels Mountain fire. However, the fire was blazing across more than 100,000 acres. 

This whole happened because the fire burns carefully lit to clear dry undergrowth. But the critical conditions always occur there. But it is an important work that used to clean the area from bushes and grass. NSW Rural Fire Service said we performed the duty as well. And we can do it every season to clean the area. But it increased the temperature and the condition been worse every year.

The main issue is that the temperature does not low after this step. Moreover, the situation will be more critical next week and there is no rain at all. Most parks will close the whole week because of this critical condition. NSW Office of Environment and Heritage said on Twitter, the Northern Blue Mountains will also remain closed. Because the fire is now out of control and it will create many problems. Thus, four people have died in New South Wales. We found 259 Homes destroyed over the past week. 

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