Giving Back and Moving Forward: How Honor Society’s Foundation is Breaking New Ground

Honor Society’s website explains,

Honor Society exists to enhance academic and professional success. Our society’s goal is to help you succeed, and to connect you with the people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals. We are uncompromisingly driven by our community core values and funded by members just like you, ensuring that our sole focus is best serving our members.”

Honor Society ( is recognized and has chapters at numerous universities, and is widely recognized as a leader in the educational world. Honor Society leads the path for upward-moving students and alumni and offers scholarships, discounts, test prep, career tools and much more.

In addition to these services, the Honor Society Foundation serves the educational world with a rich set of resources. Honor Society President Mike Moradian explains, “The Honor Society Foundation is our 501c3 non-proft. It runs separately from Honor Society and performs three duties: scholarships, educational content around our core values, and the preservation of honor society history with the Honor Society museum. It is a GuideStar platinum organization, and a top ranked non-profit by 

Here a few comments by students and educators about the Honor Society Foundation from the Great Nonprofits website

“I am grateful for the support and the scholarship that the Honor Society foundation has given me. Not only the funds will help me to graduate with minimum debt, but it will also add value to my resume. I would recommend my friends and classmates to become a member now! Thank you to all the donors and friends of the Honor Society Foundation.”

“Honor Society is such a great organization. I love being part of a community of scholars pursuing higher education and being life-long learners. The core values represented by this society are truly valuable in my life, and I am very appreciative of such a supportive, kind-hearted organization.”

The Honor Society Foundation further explains how it serves others in its profile for GuideStar:

“Scholarships: Today’s rising tuition can be prohibitively high for students wishing to pursue higher education, particularly those from low or middle class families. HSF has been organized to provide scholarships to those wishing to pursue continued education. Educational Content: Ethics, morals, and values are concepts that are learned through experiences and teachings, and influence decisions throughout our lives. For students, strong core values lead to successful schooling and professional careers. HSF has been organized to provide values-driven educational programs. Museum: Honor societies date back to America’s year of founding, expressing a rich history and positive model for all. HSF has been organized to provide a museum to preserve honor societies and their history.”

The Foundation also helps to create scholarships for those in need, and has awarded a significant volume of scholarship help for less-fortunate students in recent years. As reported by regarding their Winter 2020 scholarship:

The Honor Society Foundation helps members reach higher educational goals by offering scholarships to make the college and university experience accessible to students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to pursue it. For the most recent round of applicants, two students were selected from schools across the country in each category as recipients. . . 

These scholarships can help set the course for success and stability in the student’s academic years and professional years. “This scholarship will help me to cover fees for my courses that I otherwise would have taken a loan out for,” says Desiree Cantu, our Core Values Scholarship recipient, “I am honored to have been chosen and grateful for the Honor Society Foundation.”

Learn more about the Honor Society and it’s foundation at 

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