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Global experts reveal that there will be a fivefold increase in volume and complexity of Cyber Attacks during COVID-19 pandemic

Flavio Aggio – CISO of World Health Organization

The 3rd edition of Trescon’s Big Cyber Security Show saw India’s top CISOs, CIOs & Senior Cyber Security Experts virtually gather to discuss cyber threats in a post-COVID-19 world. 

Friday, 29 May: Many CISOs, CIOs & Senior Cyber Security Experts attended the Big Cyber Security Show to discuss cyber defence challenges in a security landscape that had changed overnight.

Attendees, alongside leading cyber security solution providers like ManageEngine, SonicWall and Crayon Software Experts India Pvt. Ltd (IBM Platinum Business Partner), and discussed the extent of cyber security threats and the technology that exists to match it. The conference also addressed the current shortcomings of OEMs and steps taken to improve upon them.

“Continuous vigilance is the need of the hour in a post-COVID-19 world” was repeatedly quoted by several cyber security gurus at a panel discussing cyber security for digitally transformed organizations. This comes as the healthcare industry experienced a fivefold increase in cyberattacks amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. Risk assessment, crisis management and the human connection were outlined as vital areas of a comprehensive cyber defence policy.

The virtual conference saw an impressive line-up of speakers and global experts including Flavio Aggio – CISO of World Health Organization, Lukas Krikstaponis – CISO of European Merchant Bank, Jaxine Fernandez – CISO of Adani Group, Fal Ghancha – CISO of DSP Mutual Fund, Sudeep Das, Technical Sales Leader, IBM Security Systems, ISA, Debasish Mukherjee, Vice President Regional Sales (APAC), SonicWall, Ravi Shankar Malla, Architect / IBM security Specialist – Resilient & i2, IBM, Vijay Kanal, National Product Lead, Crayon Software Experts India and Rajkumar V, Technology Evangelist, ManageEngine amongst others.

Big Cyber Security Show played a vital part in addressing the multitude of new threats that businesses are faced with as many of their employees work from home. CISOs were briefed on how to include mandatory awareness programs, incident training and the general urgency of humans needing to ‘upgrade their OS’ to keep up with cybercrimes. The human factor was especially stressed upon as 90 per cent of all cyberattacks were reported to start (but not end) with phishing.

The leading virtual event saw leading cyber security solution providers like ManageEngine, SonicWall and Crayon Software Experts India Pvt. Ltd (IBM Platinum Business Partner) come forward officially as  the ‘Presentation Sponsors’ at the virtual show. These global solution architects provide 360-degree cyber defence systems that protect borderless organizations that are operating outside their usual security perimeter.

Flavio Aggio – CISO of World Health Organization mentioned that businesses need to resolve conflicts between IT and cyber security departments quickly as cyber-attacks are steadily increasing in volume and complexity. He also stressed on an integrated cyber security program that included – identity management, security operations centre, tracking intelligence, vulnerability management, endpoint detection and response.

His most important takeaway pointed to the fact that – combined with overestimating tech and underestimating the changing ways, humans are the biggest weak spot in a cyber security strategy.

“With India being one of the largest global data and technology hubs, it is imperative that it heeds global warnings – especially during a challenging situation like the Covid-19 pandemic when businesses are ever more vulnerable… it pays to be proactive rather than reactive” said Trescon’s CEO & Founder, Mohammed Saleem.

About Big Cyber Security Show

It is an annual show that hosts CISOs across industry sectors in India who will meet, network, learn and engage with some of the world’s renowned technology thought-leaders, subject matter experts and technology innovators in a constructive, open-dialogue environment to explore latest trends and find solutions for issues hindering their information/cybersecurity.

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