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Guru Nanak’s 550th Anniversary Today

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Religion is the priority of all nations. Thus, Sikhs Nations also follow their great Guru Nanak. Non- Sikhs counted Guru Nanak on the great Muslim poets. The opening Corridor is a prideful step by Pakistan for the Sikhs nation. 

All Sikhs over the world are celebrating Guru Nanak’s 550th Anniversary today. Pakistan opens the dangerous road that leads to Nanak’s shrine in Kartarpur in Pakistan. It is a great pleasure for the Sikhs nation. That’s why the enthusiasm magnified among India and Pakistan. 

Thus, a great writer said, “The most precious ownership you can own is an open heart. And the most potent evidence you can be is an apparatus of peace.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan opening the corridor on 9 Nov and allowed all Sikhs to come to Pakistan to perform the religious rituals. They welcomed all Sikhs and congratulated them with prayers. This is the best owner for Sikhs that given by Pakistan on the 550th Anniversary. They celebrate today with full of fervor.

Non-Sikhs also respect them as a great poet. Guru Nanak’s philosophy is humanity. They always promoted love and equality in all nations. 

Thus, Guru Nanak’s most favorite line about religion is,

They said about himself, “I am not a child, and not a young man, nor an antique, nor i am from any caste.”

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