High Pollution and Stubble burning in India 

The pollution and stubble burning is high in India’s capital. Delhi suffers from high air pollution levels every year. This is very harmful for all residents. Nowadays, air quality goes on a high standard. So, it creates a lot of issues that severely impact people’s health.

Starting the first week of November, the air population level increased. Now it grew day by day. Hence, the air Quality Index levels neared 400 and at times, 999. This polluted air becomes the cause of the breathing problem. That’s why the residents have health issues. 

Delhi: Latest visuals from outside Arun Jaitley Stadium.

However, the Delhi Government has taken action immediately and advise residents to wear masks at all times. The Government moved to solve the air pollution crises. Hence, they distributed 5 Million masks to the residents.  

Moreover, all institutes were lock-in Delhi until 6 November. All schools and colleges closed as a careful measure. Mostly flights were also closed in several airports. Now the Delhi government has tried many times to solve all the issues. But this is not possible to control the increasing pollution.  

The people are responsible for this pollution that burned the stubble. The stubble burning is in Punjab and Haryana. That’s why Delhi has to face this issue. The supreme court also ruling held that these two states are responsible for this air pollution. 

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