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Hong Kong’s university campuses turned into battlefields 

Some issues noted in Hong kong nowadays. In three days, its University campus turned into battlegrounds. A three-day-long strike becomes the cause of all this situation. The Chinese University of Hong Kong in the Shatin district took the battle place. Hence, it has created a critical condition in the whole area.

The police have declared all the matters in their description. They said the militants from the university had thrown gadgets onto the railway tracks from a bridge (No.2 bridge). That connecting the campus and the Tolo Highway. Then the police create all the issues. Because they have to protest the situation. But they were going its opposite and targetted the campus people. 

Large Number of tear gas was fired by Police

The police have to safeguard the bridge. But they enter the campus and start firing tear gas. Also, they attacked with the 15 minutes of non-stop firing. Moreover, the police authority has justified it. They said it is valid that police can enter and make arrests without a warrant. 

The president of the university, Rocky Tuan, tried to stop this. That’s why he was going to the front line at around 5 pm. But the agreement failed, and the police fired tear gas. Then the University President left the scene as he had no protective gear. After that, the students started throwing petrol bombs at the ratio police. Moreover, they were throwing the bricks on the police. 

Collected 2356 Rubber Bullet Shells on the Battleground in Campus

This news went viral on the internet as soon. All the nearest university students came there. They came with food, water, protective gear, and medical supplies, etc. These series ended at 10:30 pm. Then the police retreated. Hence, more than 100 people injured due to this long war. Later, the police admitted that they fired the rubber bullets and tear gas. 

On the 13th of November, the Honk Kong University president banned the police from coming without a warrant. But the high court has rejected this injunction. These university clashes create many issues nowadays. 

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