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How to add CSS animations to your website

Adding animation to your website is an extraordinary method to keep guests entertained and engaged with your content. They also can be used to help you showcase important elements on your page. 

But how can you add animations to your website with ease? If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out what’s the fastest and easiest way to add CSS animation to your website.

To learn how to add an animation to your website, you can learn how to code CSS animations or use animation tools to help you with generating the code to paste on your website.

Understanding CSS animations

CSS is the core of what we see online and it is utilized by internet browsers to discover how the HTML components on your page are shown. CSS animation empowers you to create web animations that can be interactive and entertaining. 

CSS is very similar to programming and it involves writing a lot of different lines of codes with lots of characters and variables. Just like in programming, you will need to organize your code with big names to help you keep track. This way, whenever you come back to your code, you will know where you’re looking at.

For those of you who have no experience composing code, this might be scary. Luckily, there are tools like SVGator that can help you generate the CSS code with a single click, so you can just focus on animating and 

Tips to add animation to website

Using CSS animations makes your website incredibly easy to maintain. You won’t need to have any experience in code, HTML or programming if you are to add animation to your site.

Like any other feature, there are several tips you can use to keep your animation fresh and engaging.

1. Use the latest versions of CSS & JavaScript

If you have recently installed a new version of your favorite CSS framework or JavaScript library, add it to your website to make it animated and interactive.

2. Use a cross-browser code

The best way to make your website interactive is to use CSS animation, not JavaScript animations. Using JavaScript animations on your website might not work well with the latest version of your favourite framework.

3. Use SVG Animations

SVG animations have the most flexible way to use on any website. It can be used on most browsers with no loading time.

SVG animation can be used to create any kind of animation; gradient, opacity, transitions, slide-in effects, etc.

4. Use Shadow

If your website has an animated background and you don’t want to add any CSS animation to it, use the Shadow CSS animation instead.

The CSS Shadow CSS animation is a good way to make your website appear more interesting. The shadow CSS animation will automatically animate your background to give your website a unique and fun look.

5. Use Responsive Design

The CSS layout is one of the most important features of any website, yet it is often overlooked by developers. Responsive design, however, gives your website a great impact on its size and position on the site. With responsive design, you can make a website any size you wish while all the impotant elements will still be visible to users.

Final words

Using CSS animations on your website can be a good way to improve your website. With the latest JavaScript frameworks and CSS frameworks, you can create any kind of animation you want.

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