Essential Roles to Hire for Your Small Business in 2021

Whatever the future of the working world may look like, it is fairly apparent that the ever-advancing tide of technology will influence the business landscape the world over. 

After the rise of remote working and the digital transformation undergone by many organizations, forward-thinking business owners everywhere are striving to strengthen their ranks in time for a post-pandemic universe.

If you happen to be on the lookout for some new talent, it is worth thinking about which roles could make the biggest impact in 2021 and beyond, if not just to give you an idea of which candidate to watch out for. 

Here are some roles that could prove to be essential to a business wishing to get ahead of the game and successfully modernize its efforts. 

MBA Professionals

Throughout the course of the pandemic, many businesses have been defined by their ability to deal with change. 

This has often been a rapid, necessary change dictated by a wealth of variables. There might be more change to come, so ensuring that your own company can keep up might require you to check out a business intelligence COVID guide and read up on why MBA professionals can play such a key role in positive change. 

MBA professionals tend to have an incredibly diverse and finely tuned skillset, making them a great addition to a company that needs the help of an ambitious individual, one they can grow alongside. 

Logistics and Distribution Managers

Software integration is quickly becoming a mainstay of businesses belonging to many different types of industry. 

When integrated properly, it can help optimize processes, make predictions based on data, manage inventory, and increase automation across the board.

One such area this software can help in is logistics and distribution, a tricky aspect of business for a small company. 

Logistics and distribution managers can watch over this with an expert eye, making the most out of the technology and supporting your processes with a human touch.

However, one of the most important responsibilities they will have is aiding and overseeing the development of your operation as a whole, a valuable ally to have on your roster if you are looking to nurture innovation. 

HR Specialists

If you expect to utilize a remote workforce in the future, an HR specialist might be an essential hire. 

Looking after a remote workforce can be a testing task for busy business owners, particularly those who have to spread their attention across a range of duties, like looking after finances, coming up with strategies, and overseeing daily operations.

Having your team spread out across a multitude of locations can be tough, even with the extra connectivity offered up by collaboration software. 

Having a full-time member of staff looking after this side of the job can take a great weight off, as many of the best HR specialists will be able to come up with dedicated strategies, allowing you to avoid having to split your time too heavily. 

Digital Marketing Experts

Much of the world has gone digital. From shopping to socializing and, of course, working, the increase in digital activity means more people are online in general

For the tech-savvy business owner, this could translate into an opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility, provided you have the skillset to make it happen. 

Great digital marketing professionals can be a highly valuable asset to a team, especially if they possess skills like: 

  • The ability to write strong SEO-friendly content
  • A comprehensive knowledge of social media platforms 
  • A creative mindset that can utilize multi-media solutions throughout campaigns
  • An understanding of data analysis
  • An eye for predicting trends and identifying target audiences

Hiring a reliable full-time digital marketing professional can ensure that you never fall behind the drag curve when it comes to building your presence online. 

Their skillsets are generally diverse and somewhat tech-oriented, so they can be a good all-rounder to add to your growing team. 

Data Architects

Depending on the scale of your company and your ambitions for the future, there may come a time when you will need to design and build your own data infrastructure

For example, if your company offers a unique service or you require a bespoke solution to support your model, you may need to work closely with data to arrive at a sustainable method of doing business, rather than relying on outsourcing. 

A data architect can play a key role when building your new infrastructure, as they essentially help you come up with a way to store and access your data in a way that best suits your company. 

Their role can be exceptionally fluid, and be one that involves consistently looking to develop new and improved ways of optimizing your data processes while working with the numbers to ensure that you are headed in the right direction. 

Cyber Security Experts

Cybercrime is, unfortunately, on the rise in 2021, so preparing your company to defend itself against potential threats is a necessity for those who wish to keep themselves and their valuable digital assets safe from harm. 

The consequences of failing to do so can be immense. Successful data breaches are hard to recover from, as the damage extends far beyond that of monetary concern (although greatly concerning this can be) as it can destroy a brand’s image and sense of trustworthiness. 

Hiring a cyber security expert can be a good way to go in 2021, especially if you plan to build your own security infrastructure and want someone to oversee daily operations. 

The best candidates will probably be thoroughly well-versed in the intricacies of the modern cybersecurity landscape, with a fundamental knowledge of computer networks, both in terms of hardware and software. 

This might be particularly important if you decide to use a remote workforce in any description, as their online activity could be inadvertently putting your company at risk due to poor cyber hygiene. 

Customer Service Agents

In an era defined by the immediacy of digital processes, big data, and to some extent, loneliness, taking a customer-centric approach to business and acknowledging the human behind the screen could be essential for your brand to stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

A customer service agent could be exactly the role to nurture and promote this sentiment while taking care of the frontline work. 

Great customer service specialists usually possess many wonderful skills, such as:

  • Unmatched patience
  • Emotional intelligence and a great deal of empathy
  • Outstanding organizational skills 
  • The ability to deal with high-pressure situations
  • A deep understanding of the company they are representing to the public
  • Crisis management skills
  • Excellent communication skills

Having a customer service expert provide their expertise at the first point of contact between you and your customer, even in a virtual sense, can help your brand shine. 

For example, having a knowledgeable, friendly and understanding employee manage employee queries on the website might even lead to more sales and boost customer satisfaction rates!

Diversity Officers

When your small business takes off and begins taking on large numbers of staff, a diversity officer can be a superb position to be on the lookout for. 

The topic of diversity in business can be a complex one. This potentially enormous subject touches every aspect of a company, so a diversity officer needs to possess a fantastic understanding of business, and a genuine desire to make positive, impactful changes in the workplace. 

Diversity can strengthen the core of society, and it should be embraced with open arms by business owners everywhere, a concept that a diversity officer can help support. 


If there are indeed millions of people quitting their jobs to pursue careers as freelancers, it is likely worth taking a look at some of the great talents on offer. 

This can save you from having to hire a full-time employee, and thanks to the visibility and accessibility offered to freelancers through platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, you can find the right match with the touch of a button. 

What Will the Hiring Process Look Like in the Future?

When it comes down to the hiring process itself, there are more than a few pitfalls to avoid and challenges to overcome as a manager. Still, thankfully, like with most worthy endeavors, preparation can be the key to success. 

The pandemic has only served to do what it does best and add complications to the matter. For example, people may still feel uncomfortable with returning to the workplace, which is why opting for an entirely remote setup might be for the best. 

However, there are many benefits to this setup, such as the ability to extend your reach and negate locational drawbacks entirely. 

Whichever way you decide to approach your hiring process, it is worth making the absolute most out of the technology available to you. 

The roles of the future job market can be difficult to comprehend, but as long as you make a commitment to keeping up with current trends, you should keep yourself and your company ahead of the game. 

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