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In the Russian Federation – 6 196 new cases of coronavirus

According to the operational headquarters, over the past day, 6,196 people infected with coronavirus were detected in Russia, for the entire time, 1,109,595 cases of infection were confirmed in the country.

The daily increase in new known cases of COVID-19 in Russia was 6196, according to the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus.

In total, taking into account new cases, the infection was found in 1 109 595 people in the country, of which 178.1 thousand people are currently undergoing treatment.

This is the third day in a row when doctors detect more than 6 thousand cases per day. Prior to that, for two weeks, the daily increase ranged from 5 thousand to 5.9 thousand infections.

Moscow is the leader in the number of detected cases of the disease – there the coronavirus was found in 277.4 thousand people (plus 915 per day). Another 71.7 thousand infections were detected in the Moscow region (plus 193 per day) and 40.9 thousand in St. Petersburg (plus 209 per day).

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